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The schedule for Churchyard working party has changed. We now alternate each Saturday with All Saints which means we are working once a fortnight now. The next Churchyard Working party is on Saturday 14th October 2023 . The next dates for your diaries are: .
28th October 2023
11th November 2023
25th November 2023

The Churchyard is looking good at the moment. The grass is mown, the ground is dry and not muddy and most graves are easily accessible. The Oak tree is still at the forefront of peoples mind and work is continuing to decide exactly what to do and who needs to do it. This is to keep everyone informed and look after the biodiversity associated with such an important tree as well as address the safety issues highlighted in the recent report.

There will be the usual mowing needed and anything else you might like to do.

Refreshments Available on Saturday as usual at 11 and 1.

Jobs for Saturday 14th October 2023

  • Mow and strim areas keeping the grass well mown .
  • Maintenance required to the compost bins to keep them in good order.
  • There needs to be more mowing on the South, North and East end of the churchyard.
  • The Parish rooms garden needs mowing
  • Collect up fallen branches etc and move them to nearby the chipper.
  • Hedges need trimming back especially where Brambles are extending beyond the hedge.
  • Ash trees in the Parish room hedge should be cutback.
  • Complete the rechipping of the main path though the church yard extension and start the rechipping of the path around the east end of the churchyard.
  • Make compost and leaf mould available to anyone who wants it. Leaf mould is especially good at soil contitioning and the best leaf mould is from Oak leaves which are the maroity we collect each autumn.
  • Use compost to fill holes and level out the churchyard – especially where there are graves which are low.
  • Remove Ivy from Yew Trees.
  • Continue to extend the “Dead Hedge”
  • Now the chipper is working the chippable material around the churchyard and in the compost bins need to be collected up and chipped.
  • The compostable and partially composted material around the chipper needs to be moved to compost bins to complete its decay.
  • As usual there will be refreshments at 11.00 and 1.00 for all comers.
  • Please note there is a lecture outlining the work of Wokingham Borough Council in relation to Climate change on Thursday 12th October at 7pm at All Saints.
  • On the 11th November there will be an Organ recital at 11 for Remembrance and to raise money for the repair of the organ.
  • The 2nd November is All Souls day and there is a service and our annual lighting of candles throughout the churchyard on the graves for which help is always needed.

Our  churchyard web pages are available at .

If you have any questions whatsoever, then please contact the Churchyard Manager at

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Andy Clark

Churchyard Manager Choir member Tenor

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