Churchyard Working Party

The schedule for Churchyard working party has changed. We now alternate each Saturday with All Saints which means we are working once a fortnight now. The next Churchyard Working party is on Saturday 9th July 2022. Hopefully we will have support from the unpaid work group this coming Saturday. The next dates for your diaries are:
23rd July 2022
6th August 2022
20th August 2022

The grass is growing, flowers are popping up all over Summer has really arrived. This means that we need to mow and strim to ensure we can keep the churchyard in good order. Care when mowing to preserve the biodiversity.

Jobs for Saturday 9th July 2022

  • Mow and strim around the churchyard. allowing grass and wildflowers to grow between mown paths and areas.
  • Trim the front hedge – both Parish rooms and Churchyard
  • Chipper is needing maintenance not sure if it can be operated
  • Re-arrange the compost bins – combining composted material bins for aeration and further composting
  • Continuing tree survey
  • Trim the laurel hedges next to the lychgate
  • Identify Alec Lewington’s grave in E7
  • Remove Ivy from Yew Trees
  • Continue to extend the “Dead Hedge”
  • Plan possible painting of carpark lines

As usual there will be refreshments at 11.00 and 1.00 for all comers.

Our  churchyard web pages are available at .

If you have any questions whatsoever, then please contact the Churchyard Manager at

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Andy Clark

Churchyard Manager Choir member Tenor

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