Mothers Union

Mothers Union

We are an international Christian membership movement supporting families and communities in need of support in the UK and worldwide since 1876. Our members are active in 84 countries and work tirelessly to serve their communities whilst offering Christian care for families, regardless of faith or background.

One of the charities we are linked with is the Clewer Initiative.  They, and we, look out for areas where modern day slavery is prevalent.

We also support the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence.  Although the violence is mainly directed at women, men are also victims.  It is really important to look out for people who may be victims and work to help.

MU visit to Lambourne
Ready for the family weekend event

In this Diocese we run “Away From it All”, which gives holidays or breaks for families in need of time to spend together building relationships.  Toiletries are also collected and given in bags to hospitals in the area for patients who arrive unexpectedly.

We also work with other charities in the diocese including Baby Basics and Children Heard and Seen, as well as sending Christmas cards with greetings written by our members to prisoners in Bullingdon and other prisons. Members also donate cards for Mothering Sunday so prisoners are able to send greetings to their mothers.

Baby Basics fill Moses baskets with baby clothes and toiletries for new mothers in the Milton Keynes area, so we knit clothes for them.    Recently they have also been asked for clothing and toys for refugee families located in the area.

Children Heard and Seen work with families who find themselves very isolated when a parent is in prison. We provide various things to help their work.  This Easter we made chicks which held chocolate eggs and were able to send these to all the 200 children being supported. We hope the cycle of offending can be halted by the valuable work being done.

Our branch at St Paul’s Church meets monthly in the Parish Rooms.  As we return after lockdown the dates are fluctuating so new dates will be on this website.  Please contact the office as they will know when our meetings will be held.

Easter Chicks
Mouse Hunt in July

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