Our Charities

St Pauls has chosen three charities to support for 2019, 2020 and 2021. It was felt that by supporting only three charities on a three yearly cycle it would be possible to establish a meaningful relationship with those charities and that any financial contributions would have a bigger impact.

Selecting which charities to support was based on the selection criteria of broadly humanitarian appeal and a Christian ethos. It was decided to support one international charity, one national charity and one local charity.

Our international charity, United Society Partners in the Gospel (USPG), was selected because it is a Christian charity, the range of mission work it carries out around the world and it’s speedy response to crises.

Our national charity, The Children’s Society, was selected because we already have good links through members of our congregations with this charity and wished to build on this.

Our local charity, Soulscape, was selected because we like the work that they do within the local schools and the services they provide for young people.

We give financial support to the Charities – donations from our lent lunches, harvest lunch and advent events are specifically for this.

We also give support to the Charities in other ways such as through prayer and by promoting the work the charities do through various publicity.    

Links to the websites of our three charities:-

  • United Society Partners in the Gospel (USPG)   USPG
  • The Children’s Society  CS 
  • Soulscape  Soulscape

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