Frequently asked questions


Do you have a carpark? Yes, for the use of the parish rooms and shared with church users and churchyard visitors only. We have 45 spaces which includes 3 disabled bays and somewhere to lock up your bicycle. Parking however is limited and not guaranteed. Reserving spaces is not possible. We have 2m height restriction barrier when you enter the carpark.


Do you have disabled access? We do. The downstairs areas have full access to the Walter Hall, and a disabled toilet. Guests who would struggle to open the main door can also press the silver pad on the wall/pillar to open it during a session they are attending. Unfortunately, the rooms upstairs are only accessible by stairs.

How many tables & chairs do you have and what are the sizes? In the Walter Hall there are 14 large tables (6ft x 2.5ft) and 6 small (3ft x 2ft). We have at least 140 large chairs and 26 children’s chairs. The Carpenter and Rapsey rooms also have their own tables and chairs stored in those rooms.

We’d like to do a presentation, what AV equipment do you have? All of our rooms have a suitable wall surface for projection. We have a projector here that can be hired for a small fee plus a refundable damage deposit. The Walter Hall also has a PA system with a lapel or handheld mic or a small fee and damage deposit.

Can we play our own music? If you are a domestic event (family/friends) absolutely! But, if your event is non-domestic (commercial, public, members/club etc.) you may need a music license, please check with the admin office.

The Walter Hall comes with its own sound system, so you can play a playlist through your own device, all you need is a 3.5mm audio cable from home to connect to the system.

Can we consume alcohol? If you are providing alcohol that is free of charge, not included in an entry fee/ticket price or donation, then yes you can. But if you are selling the alcohol, include any in an entry fee/ticket price or request donations at the event, then you will need to apply for a TENS license via our local authority. This costs approx. £21.00, and we suggest you apply by 2-3 weeks before your event. The admin office will need to see a copy of this license to permit the activity.


What equipment do you have in the kitchen? We have a fully equipped kitchen including all types of cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery, drinking glasses, mugs/cups saucers, serving jugs/bowls, chopping boards, trays, large flasks and tea-pots – the list goes on. We also have washable plastic for younger children, a fridge/freezer, electric oven, microwave, dishwasher and instant hot-water boiler for hot beverages. All you need to bring is your food, drink and yourselves.

What do I do with my waste? We recycle paper, card, plastic bottles/trays, tins and cans in the white skip. Please take glass home to recycle at a drop off point. General waste is everything else including food, in the blue skip. Skips are located outside and are kept locked with the key available in the kitchen.

Can we use the dishwasher? Yes of course, our dishwasher is for the use of all hirers who book the Walter Hall. Please see instructions. It is a commercial machine; each wash takes 1-2 minutes only so less time clearing away at the end of your event!