#435: warming up to vote on Thursday

Dear friends,

It is not Bertie’s style to be bossy or officious, not even a little bit- but the reason he is not here today to send out his usual missive is because he is on the hunt for the missing postal votes which have fallen down the back of a sideboard in a sorting centre somewhere. It is a dangerous mission because Jess, the fearsome Postal cat, is not a foe to take lightly and she has shown herself through many documentaries and exposes to be a ruthless killer of mice. And her owner, Postman Pat, is not able to control her once the bloodlust fills her veins. But elections are so vitally important that Bertie is willing to risk everything for the sake of democracy.

All of which leads me on nicely to say: Vote on Thursday. And vote for the party which must aligns with your faith and your dreams and your vision and hope for the future of yourself and of the country and community we are part of. And don’t forget to take your ID with you too!

In other news, there are services this Sunday at 9.30, 10 and 11- the Gospel is Mark 6.1-13 which is a text we have read many times in Dwelling in the Word, with its focus on the mission of the 72 as Jesus sends out his disciples to share his love, now as then. It is the final J-Club session before the Summer holidays as well.

Don’t forget, on the following weekend, that it is Fr Richard’s final Sunday in the parish- there is only one service that day (at 9.30) and then a sociable afternoon from 2.30 to 5:

And don’t forget the next Walter Lecture– on the 18th of July in Church, with Ruth Gibbs (a Church member who is employed by Oxfam).

Also, do look back at last week’s email to see how to pray for the parish in the weeks and months to come. And to start to pray for those who will pick up new responsibilities in the vacancy, and do do everything you can to keep supporting and encouraging one another, within each church and across the whole parish as well.

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