#298: Beginning to look a lot like nearly Christmas

The Story so far…

Bertie here, your eyewitness witness… your live love reporter… your reliable and newsworthy newspaperman… well, anyway, here is what has happened so far…

a small but perfectly formed service for Under 5s

and an exquisite Nine Lessons and Carols- huge congratulations to Louise and all of the Choir for a moving and very beautiful series of anthems- if you haven’t caught up with it yet then make a cup of tea, warm up a mince pie, click on the link and enjoy- you’re in for an enormous treat…

Coming Soon…

And here is what else you need to know to get the most out of Christmas…

Pure Christmas Service of stillness and reflection, 6.15pm, Tuesday 21st, St Paul’s

Crib Service in St Paul’s Junior School Playground at 3 and 5pm on Christmas Eve- wrap up warm, come dressed as a character from the Nativity, bring a chair if you would like to sit down, and a torch if you want to, and remember that your toes and ears will probably get coldest first. And thank you for all of the offers of help to give out leaflets and serve hot chocolate and everything else- yes please!

Our Christmas Eve Services are straightforward, all in all, so please book with Liz for 9pm at St Nick’s or turn up at 11pm at St Paul’s. The 8am BCP Christmas Day Mass is also simple- just come along.

And then please send Louise a photo of your Crib Set at home, and, if you’re coming to the 9.30 Christmas Day Service at St Paul’s, please bring along someone from your Crib Set and one of your presents to show- but probably not share. Unless it’s cheese. Then sharing might be very much expected. Indeed, required. Think of it as a tax. As a gift. As a tribute, enough- or a temple offering. It’s cheaper than a dove. Possibly. Unless it’s really good cheese. And then I am definitely having some.

[Obviously, all of this is dependent on Government advice and guidance, but this is what things look like at the moment. And I don’t know what the future will bring- I am a journalist not a soothsayer. All that tea leaves mean to me is the disappointment and sorrow of having had to drink tea].

Joke of the Day

What did the snowman say to the other snowman?

Hmm- sniff, sniff, it smells a bit like carrot.

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