Arson attack at St Pauls

Fire damage from the banner and on the altar

We were really saddened to find that someone had come into Church this afternoon and set fire to the altar frontal and the Victorian banner and done some other, quite significant damage to the fabric. The building itself is fine and we are really grateful for the speedy and professional response of the Fire Service and the Police, and the support of the local community, which is so welcome and so constant.

Nothing changes. We are still doing everything we have been doing since 1864 to serve and support the community, and all that we have been able to do in the last 12 months throughout the pandemic in supporting the Foodbank, the Royal Berkshire Hospital, our schools, our care homes and those in need. We will continue to bear witness to God’s love for everybody. Nothing changes.

Sunday is our first Sunday worshipping in Church in person since before Christmas. Our Church building might be scarred but we will be there. 

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