CW* Trinity 8

The Eighth Sunday after Trinity


Proper 12
Principal Service
Genesis 29.15-28
Psalm 105.1-11,45b* or
Psalm 128
Romans 8.26-39
Matthew 13.31-33,44-52

1 Kings 3.5-12
Psalm 119.129-136
Romans 8.26-39
Matthew 13.31-33,44-52

Third Service
Psalm 77
Song of Solomon 2 or
1 Maccabees 2.[1-14]15-22
1 Peter 4.7-14

Second Service
Psalms 75 [76]
1 Kings 6.11-14,23-38
Acts 12.1-17
Gospel at Holy Communion:
John 6.1-21


Almighty Lord and everlasting God,
we beseech you to direct, sanctify and govern
both our hearts and bodies
in the ways of your laws
and the works of your commandments;
that through your most mighty protection, both here and ever,
we may be preserved in body and soul;
through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

Post Communion

Strengthen for service, Lord,
the hands that have taken holy things;
may the ears which have heard your word
be deaf to clamour and dispute;
may the tongues which have sung your praise be free from deceit;
may the eyes which have seen the tokens of your love
shine with the light of hope;
and may the bodies which have been fed with your body
be refreshed with the fullness of your life;
glory to you for ever.

Additional Collect

Lord God,
your Son left the riches of heaven
and became poor for our sake:
when we prosper save us from pride,
when we are needy save us from despair,
that we may trust in you alone;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

BCP Holy Communion

Jeremiah 23.16-24
Psalm 31.1-6
BCP Collect

O God, whose never-failing providence ordereth all things both in heaven and earth; We humbly beseech thee to put away from us all hurtful things, and to give us those things which be profitable for us; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Jul 30 2023


12:00 am - 12:00 am

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