I’m even more confused about what to think about Dominic Cummings now- freedom fighter or blame-shirker? [247]

Everything you need for Sunday

Hello again, dear friends of Bertie the Churchmouse. Bertie is away today, interviewing a potential witness in Barnard Castle who was finding crumbs under a park bench when a family from London came past looking for an optician’s shop, so he has left me in charge of the keyboard and the account, which is quite a risky thing for him to do given how fed up to here I am with him telling me how amazing he is, and how much I need him, and how he is the person who runs the entire parish, and how I’d be lost without him, and how he’s the only one who does any work, and so on. You know him as a friendly and lovely and dapperly-dressed white mouse but those of us who have to work for him know him to be a tyrant who sets impossible high standards and will not rest until everything is perfect.

Actually, just realised he might read this when he gets back so I’d better delete it and start again. Now, is that the delete button or the send one… only one way to find out… what’s the worst that could happen… here goes nothing… oh deary, deary me… that must have been the send bu

Anyway… there is no 8am tomorrow, so we are 9.30 at St Paul’s, 10 at Woosehill (where Cara is doing a Service of the Word for Trinity Sunday and I am recording my sermon) and then 11 at St Nick’s. You need to book a seat with Liz Gallagher for St Nick’s but you are welcome to just turn up at the other two churches, and you’ll be made very welcome indeed.

A few extra people might be joining the 9.30 Livestream tomorrow from the Diocesan one, which has stopped now, so do make anyone welcome who turns up in the comments bar. And here is the Order of Service for the next months, more or less through to November- it might be worth printing it out:

Other Bobs and Bits

It is a Churchyard day tomorrow- do feel free to pop down and join in with the mowing if you have a bit of spare time.

Georgina Spencer has sent this very welcome email as well. She is going to leave these plants in the Church porch tomorrow if anyone would like to collect them and give them a good planting:

Here is the list of plants I have ready for people to help themselves to 


Mange Tout Peas 


Climbing French Beans 

There are not so many as last year but someone may be able to use them 


And here is a thank you note Jean Vaughan received which is aimed at several people in the life of the Church. Thank you Jean and thank you all!

And some news from Soulscape, one of the 3 Charities we support, looking for volunteers:

Two opportunities to work with young people! Fancy joining our team for a bit? Come and make a difference with us in local schools.    
June: Mind the Gap Mind the Gap starts this week as we visit hundreds of Year 6s at local primary schools, playing and talking with them about the transition up to secondary school. On 23 and 24 June we’ll run workshops for them at their secondary school induction days. We need volunteers for this bit! Would you like to come along and help? It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, experienced or new to this. The induction days may be the first time the Year 6 kids have spent time at their new secondary school and met their future classmates – it can be a nerve-wracking day and our workshops are an important way to help them settle in and get excited about the move. Please get in touch with Michelle to ask more questions or sign up to volunteer: | 079 3050 7517    

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