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We would like to thank the community for their support and interest during the process of reducing the large oak tree in the Churchyard to a safe height. We were pleased that the arboriculturists were able to leave as much of the tree as they did and we are very much hoping that this will encourage new growth in the years to come. The total cost of the work in the end was £16,670 and we have received just over £14,000 so far in grants, donations from the Wokingham Society, St Paul’s Junior School and the Free Church Burial Ground, as well as gifts from individuals in the community. We know that a lot of people found it a fascinating piece of work to watch when it was done just after Christmas and we are massively relieved that the tree no longer poses any danger to passers by and people waiting at the bus stop. If anyone would like to make a donation to help bridge the gap please visit our website at and follow the link at the top of the main page or click on the link here: Alternatively contact the church office on 0118-979 2122 or who will assist further.

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