#296: Covid Update, or, with three emails in a week from Bertie you are really spoiling us, Ambassador

Part 1: Covid Update from the Rector

The PCC Standing Committee have spent the last 48 hours thinking through what changes we need to make in Church as a result of the rising Covid infection rate locally. (Most of this applies only to St Paul’s since the context at Woosehill and St Nick’s are different). We are trying to make a proportionate response, changing what can usefully be adjusted without affecting our core mission and worship.

Most things aren’t going to change, obviously, but we are putting in place the following things:

  1. We have kept wearing masks in Church, more or less, but wearing a mask is now a legal duty, from today. This won’t feel a big change for most people but it is the first thing we need to ensure.
  2. Keep using handgel, moving carefully around Church, being aware of others.
  3. We are not asking people to socially distance in Church- you can still sit with whoever you like- but we are going to encourage people to sit in alternate pews. A few people have said that they don’t know what to do when someone comes and sits behind them so we are trying to avoid that scenario by alternating where people sit- but you can still sit next to whoever you want to.
  4. We are making very minor changes to what happens in worship– there will be less processing in Church and we will again read the Gospel from the Chancel Step rather than the centre of the aisle.
  5. We are only going to do face to face Church meetings when necessary and there is no option.
  6. Louise and Vanessa will be working from home again, so you need to contact them if you want to access the Office.
  7. We are pausing coffee and refreshments after Church and after Nine Lessons etc- why not invite a friend or someone new home instead?

If there are other things we could or should be doing please do let me know- thank you for your understanding around this whole conversation, and thank you for all you are already doing to care for each other.

Part 2: Meditation Group on Tuesday

Meditation Group 1.15-1.45 Tuesday 14th December in St Paul’s.

Come and be still, in the midst of Christmas preparations.

Susannah Riley

Part 3: Gutter Cleaning

We were delighted to have a team cleaning the gutters on both sides of Church yesterday- they removed over 5 bags of leaves and feathers and other stuff from the North Gutter alone. The Church building thanks you!

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