#295: You only had one job to do, Lamey

Bertie has made it very clear that he is nothing to do with this. He is bitterly disappointed that his colleagues have sent out an inaccurate document (the Christmas publicity) with a mistake in.* He says that he has told us over and over again that the first rule of being a good journalist is to check your source which he considers that we have singularly failed to do. He is too disappointed to even look at me.

So, in an attempt to make amends, here is the corrected and correct list of service times- please do delete/ destroy/ eat/ bury any previous editions and trust only this. Sorry to let you down, Bertie. It won’t happen again. **

*No, there is not a prize to find the mistake because that would lead to an outbreak of smugness.

** Actually, it possibly will happen again. But it won’t be the end of the world, Bertie- and no one will blame you.

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