#308: Did I mention that the LA Rams won the Superbowl?

Bertie here, writing with a slight air of despair, because all Fr Richard will talk about is the Superbowl and the fact that his LA Rams apparently won or something- as if anyone else cares. I lost interest when it turned out that Kupp is a player and the Superbowl is no such thing. It has been a somewhat tedious week, with the only bright spot being the very intriguing Gin and Tonic Cheddar left on the Rectory doorstep. Very welcome, and a very welcome escape from all of this talk about Aaron Donald and Matthew Stafford and Sean McVay. Oh no, he’s back again, and he’s still talking about the 4th Quarter comeback and the fact that the final play was a sack and not a pressure… perhaps if I type very quietly he will not notice that I am here and go on to the Parish Office again to tell Louise all about it. Poor Louise- she has so much to put up with- but I just can’t take any more of it today…

Quick Fire Round

Confirmation is at 3.30pm on the 20th of March- do think seriously if you want to be confirmed by Bishop Olivia, and do let Richard know.

Sadly, Mother Cara is still recovering from Covid and has been signed off to the end of February. Do feel free to leave chocolates and cheap wine on her doorstep, and cakes, but nothing with nuts in them- and any work related questions should come to the Rector and the Parish Office please.

Don’t forget Choral Evensong this Sunday at 6.15pm at St Paul’s, as well as all of the usual Sunday morning services- 9.30am with Jane, 10am at Woosehill with Richard, 11am with Jane at St Nick’s. See you there!

Many roads locally will be closed on the morning of the 27th of Feb for the Wokingham Half-Marathon so do plan your journey to Church with care, especially if you come through the Town Centre, because you won’t be able to. This message does not apply to those who join through the Livestream- your access will be unaffacted.

Look out for emails and information about the Parish Giving Scheme which will be coming out to everyone soon- it is a more efficient and simple way of donating your money to St Paul’s and St Nick’s and we are encouraging all of our regular givers to fill in the easy form and make the switch, and we are encouraging anyone who doesn’t currently give regularly to do so through the scheme. The launch will officially be on the 27th of Feb during the 9.30 and 11am Services but there is nothing to stop you signing up before then at all. I have which makes me a trendsetter.

Mary has sent this link to an article picking up a recent Sunday morning reading, the call of Peter and James and John: Zebedee: Still Fishing – Ignatian Spirituality

And super news from Caroline and Alex Saynor of St Nick’s:

We now also have a lovely little boy! Ashton Raymond Micah Saynor was born on 2.2.22 weighing in at 6lbs 8oz. We are just taking some time to get to know each other and get some sleep!

Lent is Coming Soon

Shrove Tuesday (March the 1st) sees Bishop Steven spending the day in the Deanery. He will be holding an open meeting from 7.30pm to 9 at Luckley House School and everyone is welcome:

Also, Ash Wednesday is on Wed the 2nd of March. There will be a service at 10.30am for a House Mass (the first one back since the first pandemic) and then at 8pm in the evening at St Paul’s. Do please come along to what is a vital season of reflection and stillness in the life of the Church.

And do start to think about how you will keep Lent this time round- it is a gift from God and the Church to you so do use it wisely.

There is an afternoon Zoom course on Sat the 26th of Feb organised by the Oxford Centre for Spiritual Growth where Mark Oakley will be talking about Lent with Auden. It looks really good and you need to sign up in advance. Events | The Oxford Centre for Spiritual Growth (

Advertising the Corpus Christi Pantomime (oh, no, we’re not…)

Pantomime returns once again to Wokingham as the Corpus Christi Pantomime will put on its 17th production.

Carving a path back to Caudwell Hall at Holme Grange School in March, the group will bring the story of the Pied Piper to life, all for a good cause.

Trouble is striking the city of Red Leicester as the town’s cheese is going missing, and further problems brew as the Mayor’s daughter disappears too. Can Jacob, the Pied Piper himself, overcome a group of nasty rats to save her? Find out as the multi-talented cast take you through their own interpretation of the story.

This year, the team from the Corpus Christi Parish Pantomime Group will be supporting the Wokingham Foodbank.

The show will be on Saturday, 5 March (3pm and 7pm) and Sunday, 6 March at 3pm. Further information and tickets are available at

Amazingly, it’s Lucky Numbers time again

The February draw took place at St Nicholas’s after Communion on Sunday 13 February.

The lucky winners were:-

£50        No. 39           Pam Subden

£25        No. 88           Petra Johnstone

£15        No. 65           Diane Tuck

£10        No. 98            Keith Mintern

The Draw is a simple way of raising funds for repairs and renewals to the church building. One share (number) costs £24 per year and the draw takes place monthly (either at St Nicholas’s or St Paul’s) for prizes of £50, £25, £15, and £10. All remaining funds go to the Restoration Fund.

If you would like to subscribe, or want further information, please contact Tony Roberts (979 5351), Liz Gallagher (989 1176) or Mary Cassidy (979 5096) – or in person at church (Mary at St Paul’s, Tony or Liz at St Nicholas’).

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