#277 Time to buy your new school shoes

[View of Livestream mission control, from a time before Bertie went en vacances-
it’s lovely the way he keeps an eye on everything like Skimbleshanks the Railway… animal]

Morning, everyone. Things are fairly straightforward, I hope, in theory, this weekend- 9.30 at St Paul’s with Cara and Richard, 10am at Woosehill and then Cara is taking the 11am at St Nick’s.

Please remember to sit in the rear few rows at St Paul’s if you want to remain socially distanced from people around you. If you haven’t made it back to Church yet in person then this Sunday would be a good one to try out because the numbers in Church are always a little lower in the school holidays. And there will be coffee afterwards as well.

And here are two helpful links for people wanting to think about the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, to help and to pray:


Migration and Forced Migration – Diocese of Oxford (

A few quick reminders

Sunday the 5th sees the return of J-Club and the Church Choir at St Paul’s, and the Bag Blessing service which was advertised in the previous email. Do come along, and to bring your school bags with you.

Morning Prayer is still happening at 8.30am on Zoom on Mon and Thurs and at 9am on Tues and Friday in person at St Paul’s. It is a great way to ensure that you are starting the day in prayer, as well as being a timeless and encouraging service. You can’t really say the Magnificat and not get excited by it- it’s not possible. (Although, there won’t be one this Monday because it’s Bank Holiday Monday.

And a reminder of the team of Wardens at St Paul’s, since not everyone was at the APCM. David Ruddock and Peter Wells were elected for another year as Wardens, offering welcome continuity as we emerge from lockdown. Pippa Sutton was elected as Deputy Warden to increase the capacity of the team and to work in the same areas of church life as Peter and David- and then Mary Cassidy was elected as Deputy Warden for Mission and Spirituality, to be a point of focus for our life of prayer at Church and for our relationship with and service to the local community in the name of Jesus. She will be drawing together a range of other groups and roles and will be working closely with people like Paul Armitage and all of the Mission Committee. It is a strong and able team and it’s a pleasure to work with them all. Do talk to any of them if you would like any further information or if you have any particular ideas or suggestions.

Also, John Sutton was elected as Deanery Lay Chair in July which is good news for both the Deanery and the parish- congratulations to John.

Autumn Bible Study- everyone welcome!

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