#325: would be a very long Afternoon Tea

I do like a party! Bertie here, as you know- the last big exciting get-together was for the Platinum Jubilee at Coffee and Chat- see photo above- and this Sunday sees the next one, which is the excellent Annual BBQ in the Garden of the Parish Rooms from 1pm. I can’t wait to see everyone, and to catch up with old friends, and to- hmm, yes- cheeseburger and grilled halloumi followed by cheesecake and cheese crackers to finish off. I am so excited. And I just can’t hide it. Anyway, just while I grab a piece of parmesan to nibble, which is how I self-soothe, here are the headlines: services at 9.30, 10 and 11 as usual, he mutters, through shavings of parmesan…

Do look at the other articles on the website– including photos of Miles being ordained priest, and advertising a talk by Bishop Hall on the 16th of July, and also advertising Wokingham Pride event on the 9th of July.

And have you noticed the big yellow box on the left hand side of the porch wall? It looks like a huge lump of cheese— but not edible I’m afraid, it’s our new defibrillator. It’s inside a locked box. In an emergency you ring 999 and they tell you the code to get inside the box. The defib itself talks to you so you know what to do, although I hope we never have to use it. Thanks to Rock Choir, WI and U3A who have all donated towards the purchase of this important lifesaving equipment, and thanks too to Michael Noone Limited the Electricians who have kindly installed it for us free of charge, out of the goodness of their hearts. (Thanks for the joke, Vanessa). For more information: BeneHeart C Series | Mindray UK

If you are coming to the BBQ this week and could either walk or share a lift or park somewhere else that would be super- we also have two baptisms at 12.30 so the car park is going to be quite full quite quickly. Thanks.

PCC are going to discuss bringing the chalice back as an option at Communion services at their next meeting on July the 11th- do speak to a member of the PCC from your church if you have any feelings either way because a key part of the decision and discussion will be listening to what people are feeling and thinking.

Also, this poster invites you to a talk on Tuesday the 5th of July at Finch around Domestic Abuse, and in particular violence against women:

28% of our regular givers have now signed up to the Parish Giving Scheme, which is a very efficient way of making your donation to the parish. We receive one transfer instead of lots which makes things a lot easier for the Treasurer and we get the Gift Aid back within days as well. Lyn and Stuart Fairhead are happy to answer any questions if you have them around the PGS- and may even be coming to talk to you to see if you would like a hand filling in the very quick and easy forms.

Here is a thank you letter from the British Red Cross for our previous donation to the Ukraine Fund:

Forthcoming meeting of the Mothers’ Union All are cordially invited to the next meeting of the Mothers’ Union on Thursday 7th July when there will be a very interesting presentation called U-boats, Queues and Useless Mouths (based around WWII rationing) which will start at 1pm in the Walter Room (Hall).  Please feel free to bring along your lunch; tea and coffee will be provided.

And a letter inviting you to think about volunteering for the excellent Link Visiting Scheme locally:

And finally, a reflection on time Mary Cassidy recommended My Attitude About Time and Manna – Ignatian Spirituality

and here is the link for the Evensong Sermon Series so you can hear, or hear again, Philip Hobday’s excellent sermon:

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