#395: extraordinary extra edition

Bertie here- I have been bribed with a tray of quinces to sneak and extra epistle past Fr Richard to remind people of some things they might or might know, or might not know or remember. Read on to find out some vital information- or interesting information- well, information anyway…

Harvest Weekend: 1st October

At St Paul’s and St Nick’s we do our big Foodbank Collection in February so that we stagger when the food arrives. In Autumn we ask people to bring fresh fruit, drinks, cakes and sweets which we gather in Church and then auction over coffee. Please do start to collect things for next weekend. It will also be great to welcome some of Soulscape to the 9.30 at St Paul’s on the 1st of October, who will be leading the Sermon slot in what is an All Together Service (i.e. there won’t be a separate J-Club). The Harvest Lunch will start soon after the auction at about 12.30 in the Rooms- and people from St Nick’s will join us as soon as they can.

Parish Bazaar: 11 November

We need more volunteers to run stalls etc- don’t forget the organ recital first at 11am- and the Clergy Stall is going to look a bit different this year. We are collecting empty wine bottles with their screw top lids, and bottles of wine, and wine bags (i.e. the gift bags you give them to people in) as well as bottles for a children’s bottle raffle. Do please let Louise Cole or Richard have them. Thanks.

The oak tree

We are currently working out how to use the wood which will be available when the tree has to be chopped down. Do you have any suggestions about what we could do with the wood? And do you know any local carpentry enthusiasts who we would be able to work with and who might have some ideas?

Thanks, all. Now just don’t tell Fr Richard that I was bribed into sending an extra email…

The journalist formerly known as Bertie but now busy building a compelling alibi

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