#332: the bus from Neasden to Paddington

Bertie is actually away at the moment- he’s taken to smuggling himself into the cars of people heading to interesting places so he can explore and enjoy cheeses from all over Europe- although he might be a bit surprised to find this week that, while haggis does indeed come from cow, it is not actually, strictly speaking, exactly what you might call a cheese…

Here are the headlines…

This Sunday sees 8am, 9.30, 10 (Woosehill) and 11 (St Nick’s)- do please come along.

If you’re joining through the Livestream at St Paul’s, it really helps if people are able to join in by typing a message in the chat bar so that everyone knows who is there and to keep building up a sense of cohesion and community. Talking of which- many congratulations to Chris Townsend who is on the Livestream with Una every week and who first joined St Paul’s 50 years ago today. Happy Golden Anniversary!

Meditation Group Tuesday 16th August, St Paul’s Church.

Arrive from 1pm for 1.15pm start

Please note that this month we are meeting on the 3rd Tuesday, NOT 2nd Tuesday.


And looking further ahead… September the 4th, First J-Club back after the summer, do bring along your Schoolbag, or your briefcase, or your rucksack, for the special and always popular bag blessing service:

Full details of Ride and Stride were given in the email last week- 331- do please think about it- can you help by being in church? Could you have an adventure with your family and friends cycling or striding round the area? Can you help by sponsoring someone? Your Church needs you!

Parish Quiet Day Save the date!  We will be having a parish quiet day on Saturday 24th September at St Mary’s Church, Winnersh.  The theme is, “Walk with God and trust in him: Journey with 3 women from the Old Testament.”  This is your chance to take a day out, reflect, listen, pray, walk, learn, read, draw, write… whatever you need to do and however you need and want to spend the day with God and others. Do please ask Mary Cassidy ( or Cara Smart ( for more details or to find out more if you’re interested, or if you’ve never been on a quiet day and would like to find out a bit more.

And here is the Deanery Prayer Cycle for August 2022: do please print it out and use it in your prayers:

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