#347: Advent Special, or, why are there still so many pesky leaves on the trees?

Bertie here, back with a capital B and then, er, a t and an i and an e- back with buzzing energy and overwhelming chirpiness and a warm smile- and a special emergency wheel of Brie hidden at the small of my back and held in place with my waistcoat. You see, the cloth is stretched so tight not because of the cheese in my tummy but because of the cheese at my back. Paddington has his hat and I have my waistcoat. And you can use that excuse as well whenever someone asks you about your tummy- you’re welcome.

Anyway, the Rector asked me to walk you through the full excitement of Advent, so I will- once I’ve taken the cheese from behind me so I can get comfortable at the office computer.

Advent Sunday

The Service of Readings and Music for Advent is always a popular and calming way to step into Advent- do come along at 6.15pm on Sunday- and then do stay for refreshments in the Parish Rooms afterwards. And do bring your friends and neighbours as well.

Regular events in Advent

The parish often does Posada, when small figures representing Mary and Joseph go from house to house as a way of marking the journey they took to Bethlehem. (Posada is the Mexican word for Inn). This year, we are doing on online version and inviting people to send in a photo of their own Nativity Set with a few thoughts or comments on where it came from and what it reminds you of or evokes. The email will go out to everyone on my, Bertie’s, email list, one a day, along with some things to listen to and some things to read or reflect on for Advent. Please can you email Louise if you would like to email in a photo?

Also, these are the prayers which used to be used when people brought round the figures, in case you want to use them at home:

This is the Christmas Poster we are mostly using if you would like to print it out and put it on your fridge door so you don’t miss anything…

Challenge, Invitation and Encouragement

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help with leaflet delivery etc- it is a huge help and it really matters.

We need volunteers to do the following things- and I can’t wait to see you because I am contractually obliged to volunteer for everything… help put up lights and hoover windowsills tomorrow (Saturday) from 9.30, go into Emmbrook Juniors to help make Christingles on the afternoon of the 5th of December, make Christingles on the morning of Christmas Eve, be in a short drama led by 5,6, 7, 8s at the Christingle Services, read at Advent Lessons or Nine Lessons and so on… please speak to Louise Cole if you would like to join in and be part of Team Bertie, where the motto is: There is always time for a water biscuit and cheese.

And this excellent intro to Advent has been sent in by Mary Cassidy:

Looking Back to Look Forward in Advent – Ignatian Spirituality

And this Advent calendar is an excellent way for all of the family to walk through Advent together- or why not send it on your Godchildren so you and they can do the same thing every day? It is well worth looking at.

And this link takes you to a daily Advent email from Loyola Press- the ones I have read are really good:

An Online Advent Calendar for Adults | Loyola Press

And the Church of England do something similar, here:

Resources for Advent and Christmas | The Church of England

The key thing is to make sure that you find some way of living differently in Advent, so that you are ready for Christmas when it comes, when he comes, when he is born.

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