#353: It’s Christmas!!!

Bramble here, the Rectory collie. Bertie has produced his contract and shown us all, during a very tense meeting, that he is not obliged to work between Christmas and New Year. We told him how much the public rely on him and he was no more willing to negotiate than the Health Secretary so I told him, with firm resolve, that what he does is not that complicated and that if he, a mere mouse, can learn to send emails to people then I am sure that I can too. And I told him that people would forget all about him when they saw my photo on the email, resolute, reflective and noble. And here we are- you’re reading my words and Bertie is about to realise the error of his ways. I am never giving back the keyboard. So much power and influence- I was born to organise and shape and direct. It’s what collies are for. Now I have a new flock to practice on. I will see you on Sunday in Church where I will practice putting you all into pews in order with the stern gaze of my ceaseless collie eye. And then I will get you out for communion and steer you back again. The coffee queue will be a thing of the past- I will send you to the hatch table by table. I’d love to see a mouse doing that, however natty his waistcoat. [Bertie never goes on as much as this- get to the point- Everyone]. Here is the news…

Thank you

to everyone who made Christmas such a happy, joyous and welcoming experience for everyone. It takes a huge effort to make everything work so thank you- and get better to everyone who has been unwell with a whole host of different illnesses over the last few weeks.

The News

There is no Morning Prayer this week- and services at 9.30 and 10 on Sunday the 1st of Jan, both also available online. See you then!

The Office remains closed until the 3rd of Jan- if you need a priest please ring the Rector on 0118 327 9116 and leave a message.

Do please keep thinking about whether you could lead the intercessions from time to time and be a welcomer and sidesperson on a Sunday morning- we need more volunteers for both roles.


The parish retreat is set to take place at St Columba’s House in Woking from 6pm on Friday 3rd to 2.30pm on Sunday 5th March 2023

Further information and a booking form are available on the parish website:

A lovely Christmas Message from Bishop Hall:

My Christmas Greetings to you and all at St Paul’s and Woosehill.

I have just had a phone call from the rural dean at Port-Berge to say that the building of the church at Bemilolo is progressing rapidly and next week we may begin work on the roof. This is funded by the money given on my visit to you in July – especially the tea and talk at Woosehill. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all.

May you and yours have a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas and prosperous 2023.

God Bless, +Hall

Coming Soon

Berkshire Area Team are holding a series of training events to support and encourage your church to engage, reengage and grow interactions with children and young people.

We would like to invite you to one or all of the following:

  • 21st January 2023 “How to grow your engagement with Children and Young People” (an in-person event at St Birinus House, Theale, 10am-12.15pm).  Register here
  • 14th March 2023 “We’ve got no children in our church – where do we start?” (ZOOM)

  • 26th April 2023 “We have some links with children and young people – how do we build on this?” (ZOOM)

  • 17th May 2023 “It’s not as easy as it was!  How do we engage children and young people with our church?” (ZOOM)

These events are not just for children’s and youth workers.  Engaging children and young people in your church and church activities means that everyone needs to be involved.  You are encouraged to attend in groups!

Please follow the links to book your places on these events.

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