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Bertie here- top photo journalist. I took this photo of Mary and Joseph who came into Church this morning before the Crib Service to admire the tree which the staff of St Paul’s Junior School carried over the bridge yesterday and put up in Church. It is a small but beautiful link between the School and the Church- the tree they have gathered around is now ours to gather around in Church. Quick reminder of key things happening in the next few days- because I am also, still, a top-rated print journalist too-


Helpful reminder that…

Decorate the Church on Friday the 23rd from 10am- please bring some foliage to go with the flowers which will be provided.

Christingle Making, from 10am to about 12 on Saturday (Christmas Eve) in the Parish Rooms. There will be plenty for everyone to do on the production line because we are making 400.

There will not be Morning Prayer next week, or a Wednesday house Mass, but the Church will still be open for private prayer and visits as usual. Don’t forget that Coffee and Chat are meeting on every Friday afternoon in the Rooms throughout the holidays, so do pop along if you would like to say hello to someone or just have a cup of tea made for you.

On Sunday the 1st of January there will not be a service at 11, so St Nick’s are invited to come along to St Paul’s at 9.30.

HUGE THANKS to everyone who has done so much to make Christmas such a joy- to people who clean, and deliver leaflets, and arrange flowers, and serve food, and welcome on the door, and sing, and send in photos of their crib set, and visit Nursing Homes and everything else… Thank you!

Other bits and bobs

We are still looking for people who would like to be sidespeople (welcoming people to church) or lead the intercessions– please speak to Richard if you would like to find out more about either.

The December draw of lucky numbers took place on Sunday 18th December after the 11:00 Communion service at St Nicholas. The lucky winners were:

£50        No. 4           Margaret Carver

£25        No. 36           Ann Eggleston 

£15        No. 66           Pam & Tony Roberts

£10        No. 1           Teri Austen

Please note renewal invitations for those that subscribe annually by cash or cheque will be posted out at the end of December. The draw takes place monthly at either St Paul’s or St Nicholas’s. One share (number) costs £24 per year. Funds remaining after the prizes have been distributed go to the Restoration Fund, for repairs and renewals to the church building. For more information please contact Tony Roberts (979 5351), Liz Gallagher (989 1176) or Mary Cassidy (979 5096) – or in person at church (Mary at St Paul’s, Tony or Liz at St Nicholas’).

here is the next edition of the Deanery Prayer Cycle, which a lot of people find a very helpful aid to prayer:

If you find any good ideas at other Churches that you visit over Christmas do bring them back- do keep in touch with life here through the Livestream as well as this email- and Happy Christmas whoever you are with and wherever you are. May you know the joy of Christmas this year and always.

Mary has sent us this seasonal article to enjoy:
Poinsettias and Prayer – Ignatian Spirituality


The parish retreat is set to take place at St Columba’s House in Woking from 6pm on Friday 3rd to 2.30pm on Sunday 5th March 2023. Further information and a booking form are available on the parish website:

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