An Important Update on Parish Finance- approved by Bertie the Churchmouse

It has been a positive few years in the life of the parish since Covid-days. We are in good shape and good heart. God has given us much to be thankful for.

We are people of the Eucharist, who gather to hear again the great story of our salvation and to receive Jesus Christ in our hands in bread and in the chalice in wine.

We are a confident, caring, effective and growing community through our ministry in the Parish of Wokingham.

The Challenge

Over the last decade we have always met our financial obligations and, after careful husbandry, ended each year in surplus. However, things are changing in 2024. The same financial pressures which affect individuals and families affect the Church. We have to deal with a forecast deficit of £12,000 1, but this is a problem we can solve if we work together.

Costs have been rising faster than our voluntary income for some years now. Our situation has changed and the only honest and sensible thing to do is for us to be clear about that, so we can respond prayerfully together.  

If everyone increases their planned giving by 10%, we would have no deficit 2

The Invitation

We are writing the same letter to people across the whole parish family. Everybody will need to respond in the way which is right for them.

For some people, any thought of increasing their financial giving to the Church will be impossible. To those of you, we would say thank you for all you do.

If you have not thought about planned giving before, please pray about it and engage with us. We encourage everyone to give via the easy-to-use Parish Giving Scheme ( Alternatively please speak to Lyn Austen our PCC Treasurer (

For others please consider reviewing what you already donate, whether your giving level is right for you, and whether you could give more. Have you had a pay rise or pension increase? Has your giving to church risen, too?

With thanks for all that we share, all that you are, and all that we rejoice in through our life together.

1 This year our gas bill is increasing by over £4,000, our Parish Share by £2,600 and our administration overheads by more than £3,500

2 For a person giving £100 a month a 10% rise is the same as one cup of coffee from a coffee shop a week

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