#416: Is Bazball a cricketing fad or the cracking and credible future for the game? Well, it depends what day it is…

Hello, hello, hello. I actually don’t have a huge amount to report today because, rather than being out on the newsbeat, I have been at home in front of the fondue heater curled up with a fascinating book on the history and development of cheese. I don’t know who donated it to me but you are a proper lady- or a true gent. Did you know [rest of very long and extremely dull deleted by the Editor in order to ensure that at least a handful of people choose to still receive this Letter each week]… so there you have it. Fascinating, hey? It just goes to show what you can do with some milk, an unused toothpick and a length of piano wire. And the good news is that this is only the first of several thousand facts I will now be able to share with you over the next months. Actually, since you’re here, and since you are so loyal and lovely, let me tell you something else which is fascinating which I found out about cheese from the book- did you know [mercifully, the Editor cut the internet from Bertie’s mousehole at this moment to save us all from despair]

Coming Soon

This Sunday we have services at 8, 9.30, 10 and 11. It is the 2nd week of Lent. It is the Wokingham Half Marathon so do just check your route to Church so you don’t have to go an incredibly long way round… And good luck to Sian and others who are running it this weekend.

Please also don’t forget the conversation about the Church of England’s Lent Book at 1pm in the Parish Rooms every Wednesday in Lent and the Stations of the Cross in Church every Friday at midday.

Saturday is the Parish Quiet Day from 10 to 4 at Finch- email Mary if you would like to come along but have not quite got round to booking in yet-

Parish Quiz on the evening of the 2nd of March- do sign up soon. It’s always great fun and the fish and chips are epic. And on the Sunday evening, the 3rd, there is a gathering for people who are relatively new to Church– from 7pm- do put the date in the diary now.

SPLOG is a men’s group in the parish who go out for a drink and a meal together about six times a year. The email address is It is a warm and welcoming and varied group and the next meal out is on the 22nd of March, just before Holy Week. Do send John Sutton an email if you would like to know more, or catch him after church one week.

Notices and News

Hymnbook Sponsorship

We are immensely grateful to everyone who so generously supported our fundraising campaign for new hymnbooks, through sponsorship, simple donations or through supporting the Songs of Praise event. We have more than reached our target- thank you so much. We will be placing our order for the books in the coming weeks but, as some of the editions are not published before May/June, it will be the summer when the new hymnbook will be properly introduced. The PCC will decide how to use any excess funds raised, but it is our current thinking that these should be directed towards the urgent organ pedal restoration work which will take place in the Autumn, since that is the closest area of work to hymns and music in the life of the Church. Thank you again for such support and generosity. It is all very exciting!

Bishop Olivia is coming to St Paul’s to confirm people on the evening of the 19th of May, a Sunday, at 6.15pm- please speak to Richard or Louise Cole if you would like to find out more or be put on the list. She is also coming to Deanery Synod on the 5th of March in the evening to talk to Synod and anyone who would like to come along to hear her is invited- 8pm at Sandhurst Church.

We currently have a few vacancies for Baptism Visitors, who get to know the families bringing their children to baptism and assist at the actual service. It is an important and enjoyable job. Please let Richard or Louise Cole know if you would like more information.

And we have been sent this poster to encourage people to comment on plans to make better cycle paths etc on the Reading Road past church…

Prayer and Spirituality

The three questions Fr Richard asked on Sunday morning (the 1st Sunday of Lent) were When did you call the voice of God calling you beloved? How have you known God in the wilderness? And how do you share and speak of God’s love? Why not discuss them with your Tithings Group or your House Group or your friends on a walk? The full text of the sermon is here…

And here is the latest Deanery Prayer Diary for us all to use and focus on as we support our friends and neighbours in prayer.

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