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Bertie the legendary Churchmouse

Bertie is proud to be an international mouse of mystery. No-one quite knows when he came to live in St Paul’s Church, but he started writing a parish email in about 2016 and he has really come into his own during the current lockdown. His workload has increased but he is pleased to be helpful. He likes eating cheese, and eating more cheese. He misses being able to go on Continental tours in his MG Roadster in British racing green from fromagerie to fromagerie. He loves seeing his friends when he is allowed. He is perhaps the most fashionable and trendy person in the Borough- the county, even. Bon viveur, raconteur, hero, journalist, fearless pursuer of the truth, PR guru, crumb tidier-upper- and communications conduit for the parish. He is at the very heart of our Church, his emails are legend, and his cheese and wine parties are unforgettable. His fondue parties are a close second. You might even get an invitation if you’re lucky, once the restrictions ease…

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