Seat in the Cathedral Part 2 [258]

I left you on a cliffhanger yesterday, sat with Richard in the Transept opposite the choir. All I could think was “Don’t draw attention, you’re not on the list- don’t draw attention, you haven’t done the QR Code thing- don’t draw attention, there might be a cathedral cat.” But it all went smoothly- Richard managed not to fall over his own shoelaces and found an even more comfy seat in the choir stalls. After the service Bishop Olivia was very excited indeed because she got to meet me, in person. I even got to sign an autograph for her.

And then came the moment of near disaster- a cunning carp liked the look of my waistcoat, or my toes, and made himself look like he was a drowning piece of gouda. I leant forward, like any caring cheese afficianado would do, held out a hand, toppled forward and landed on a lily pad. With amazing courage and dexterity Becca saw what had happened, pounced on me and dragged me to safety only a mili-second ahead of the ravening jaws of the ravenous beast. Phew- it was a close one. And it turned out that there was no cheese at all- just a fish with a rare talent for acting like a drowning piece of cheese.

We went out for a lovely meal after that- here I am drinking some orange curd with a paper straw:

And here I am at the end of the meal, having enjoyed a lovely piece of cheesecake, which was still quite tasty even if it had a smaller cheese content than I was expecting. As in, no identifiable cheese whatsoever. Still, it was very tasty and I was very full. TTT as I have often heard choir children saying- Tummy Touching Table.

And so to bed! It was very exciting all round, and lovely to feel such a wave of encouragement and happiness from the whole parish. Someone even left me some Stilton on the doorstep to help me celebrate. Well done all of us!

Important things to tell you

The whole decision on what to do on Sunday morning in terms of refreshments and welcoming Cara has been very complex ever since the Government didn’t relax the rules for July. We have looked really hard at having drinks in Church, and in the Churchyard and near the Parish Rooms but none of them are easily arranged within the regulations because of the complexity and (frankly) the vagueness of the rules. Add in the fact that we wouldn’t be able to circulate in any way, and the fact that the weather forecast looks iffy for Sunday, and, regretfully, we’re deciding to postpone the refreshments until July the 25th. Thank you to everyone who offered to help serve drinks and to everyone who provided the drinks- they will keep (I have it on good authority) until the 25th of July. And we can still celebrate Cara’s first Mass with warmth and delight. See you there!

And the joke of the day…

Overheard in a butcher’s: Venison’s dear, isn’t it?

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