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Bertie here- back with all of the headlines. Well, all of the headlines that matter which Corden and Winfrey haven’t managed to buy their way into first. All of us get scooped at some point, especially if we don’t have a large London bus or a posh garden to meet people in.

Anyway, and in all seriousness, I also need to remind people to be very careful when people you don’t know email you or call you, or when an email seems to come from someone you do know but doesn’t feel right. The Diocese has sent round an email to the clergy asking them to warn the congregations of Churches to be very careful about sending money or giving out personal information. Check with someone you trust before you send any money or answer questions- it’s a sad but necessary conversation to be having at the moment.

Let’s go…

Forthcoming Events and Attractions

Meditation Group: tomorrow

Just a reminder that Meditation Group is next Tuesday 9th March at 1.15-1.45pm on Zoom. Link below. Do come and join us, as we hold a time of quiet together in the presence of God. If you have not been before, do just come along, you would be very welcome. Or, if you want to make contact with me beforehand, to ask a question, then do email me. You don’t need anything special, just a quiet, comfortable, place to sit. Some people like to light a candle or hold something like a holding cross. We meet every 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Meeting ID: 762 1637 1980 Passcode: 56789 
Susannah Riley

Also, don’t forget Compline Mon, Tues and Wed at 8.30pm, and the Lent Course tomorrow (Tues) at 7.15pm. Here is the paperwork for it:

Mothering Sunday is this coming Sunday.

Do put the services in your diary- 9.30 at St Paul’s (with St Nick’s) and then 10 at Woosehill, with Jane Kraft.

And here is the Zoom link to come along and hear Bishop Olivia on flourishing and well-being next Wed (17th) at Deanery Synod:

Meeting ID: 870 8862 9276 Passcode: 463407

Bits, pieces and stuff

Teri has sent in this traditional cake recipe, allegedly from Aunt Dorothy:

Recipe for a Rich Cake….6th June 1934.


6 oz    Faith

1/4 lb  Hope

6 ozs   Love

½ pt    Loyalty

Kind Words and Loving Thoughts



Mix Equal portions of FAITH and LOVE. Add the LOYALTY and stir well to remove all lumps of misunderstanding. Sweeten with HOPE for joys in the unknown future, pour into a well-greased tin and bake in a moderate temperature till firm. Decorate with Kind Words and Loving Thoughts. This can be served at anytime but the flavour will be much better enhanced if kept in a sympathetic atmosphere.

Cara’s sermon yesterday was a superb exploration of a difficult text and an inspiring way into continuing to keep Lent- do read it here: it is unmissably good:

If you would be able to help out with delivering Christingle and Wedding Leaflets to the new estate off Matthew Green Road then that would be super- please pick up the leaflets (beautifully organised into rounds and piles) from the Church porch.

Please remember that it is PCC on Monday the 15th of March- if you have anything you would like to have raised there. We also hope to be able to make a decision on when pubic worship can re-start after that meeting so do please pray for wisdom, balance and understanding for all of those making decisions on such a key matter.

And finally… an update from Soulscape (one of our Parish Charities) on the virtual tour of Churches last week…

“Can you go to church if you aren’t a Christian?”   How did the virtual church tour go? We wanted to say a big thank you for praying for our virtual tour of Wokingham churches that we ran for Year 7 RE students. It’s the first time we’ve attempted to do this remotely, and it was great! The wonderful church leaders talked very well about their faith, their church and how they support our community. They showed many young people a living example of Christian faith that they had never seen before. “I thought it was excellent in showing a positive picture of church today, and especially in how churches work together. We had lots of positive comments.” – Spike, volunteer host The students were intruiged and asked a lot of interesting questions, some practical, and some more spiritual, including: Do you give homeless people food and a place to stay? That must cost a lot! Do lots of people get baptised? Is the water holy? Do you have to book to go to church? How are you coming together as a church during Covid? Is communion wine real wine? Can you go to church if you aren’t a Christian? We’re very thankful to Father Richard Lamey from St Paul’s, Rev Nick Hudson from Wokingham Baptist Church, Rev Canon David Hodgson from All Saints, and Capt Jan Howlin from The Salvation Army Wokingham who took part.   “You’re not like teachers, you’re so chilled, it’s like you’re all friends!”   Here’s what the church leaders thought: David Hodgson (All Saints): “I have really enjoyed welcoming Holt’s Year 7 to visit All Saints Church even if virtually. It’s always so interesting to hear what the students find interesting from their perspective, and the questions they ask make me think too!” Richard Lamey (St Paul’s): “It has been a real privilege to be able to show people round the Church building while emphasising the fact that the Church is a committed group of people at work in the community every day. The pupils were really engaged, saying what they thought of the architecture and how it felt to be looking round. And their questions were amazing and insightful – from personal ones about their own baptism, through to questions about the theology of the Eucharist and why the building is designed like that, to what churches have learnt from the lockdown.” Jan Howlin (Salvation Army): “I really enjoyed doing this, I’ve loved the variety of questions and comments from the classes. I have learnt so much about the other churches which I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Just a pleasure to be part of.” Nick Hudson (Wokingham Baptist): “It was a delight to do the Virtual Walking Tour with Year 7, talking over the video tour of our church building, and about how our faith motivates our service of the community. It was fun to work with colleagues from other churches, discussing what we have in common and where we express our faith differently. It was great that the students experienced us all being friends.”     Thanks again for your prayers! Please remember to pray for us and our young people this week as schools re-open. From Mel and the Soulscape team

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