Lent 3 Service Info [215]

The Dome of the rock viewed from the Garden of Gethsemane

Here is the news:

Don’t forget the World Day of Prayer today:

Previously the Women’s World Day of Prayer, this is a global event where every country around  the world takes part in the same service on the same day. Each year the service is written by  women of a different country; this year it’s the women of Vanuatu and the theme is: Building on a Strong Foundation.

In Wokingham, churches take turns to host and this year it’s the turn of Wokingham Baptist Church. All Wokingham churches can take part and are represented by readers. The service will be held on Zoom on Friday 5th March, 7.00-8.30pm.

You can book your place – please join in if you can!

The World Day of Prayer relies on donations to make grants to projects throughout the world. We would normally  take up a collection, but as we cannot do so this year, please donate directly to the World Day of Prayer via their  website:  Thank you.

And here is the service for Sunday at 9.30am, which will be followed by Zoom coffee- Soba is taking the Woosehill Service at 10, which will also be followed by Zoom coffee. At St Paul’s we are slowly moving a bit more towards having things done live in Church as we (hopefully) move towards having worship in person again in the next month. Cara is preaching and David Ruddock is doing the prayers. The Order of Service for Sunday is here:

We are also trying to deliver leaflets to the new housing in Emmbrook advertising arrangements for weddings and baptisms between now and the summer. The leaflet is below if you would like to send it on to anyone who might be interested or, indeed, anyone who lives away who might be thinking about these things elsewhere in the country. And if you could deliver a few leaflets to the MG Rd Estate please can you collect them from the porch next week. Thanks.

Teri found this note, allegedly in a Church Porch:

‘Churchyard maintenance is becoming increasingly difficult and it would be appreciated if parishioners would cut the grass around their own graves.’

And finally… a catchy advert for Covid vaccines which featured on the news, and which Chris Field can’t get out of her head at the moment…

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