Sunday April the 11th [232]

Shorter email this time because there’s not a huge amount to add from yesterday’s update, apart from the information you need for Sunday at St Paul’s.

Here is the Order of Service for you to join in at home or in Church:

And here are the links to join in with the Zoom Coffees after the Service:

St N and St P Coffee on a Sunday morning after the 9.30 Mass

Meeting ID: 842 5114 5709         Passcode: 323725

Woosehill Coffee on a Sunday morning after the 10am Service

Meeting ID: 851 5575 9369         Password: 662208

And here is a notice from St Nick’s, explaining the exciting reopening plan for the 11am Service at St Nick’s from April the 18th:

Return to St Nick’s 

We are very excited indeed to be returning to worship in the Village Hall from Sunday 18th April, Alleluia! It will be so lovely to worship together again in this Eastertide.

For the time being the same restrictions will be in place as when we last met, so masks, social distancing etc. 

As we are very restricted in numbers it is sadly not possible to just turn up on the day. Seats for 18th need to be booked by email from the evening of Sunday 12th 

We very much look forward to seeing some of you then and if Bertie wants to wander down to see how we do things that’s fine.

The 8am BCP Mass at St Paul’s will start back on April the 25th and happen every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from then on. This will be an excellent service for people to come to who might be concerned about being round too many people, or would welcome a shorter service. It’s also a really good sign that things continue to return and to start up again in a really encouraging way. We are beginning to hear the bells being rung again. We are allowed a choir of more than three people. There is a sense of Spring in the air, even if the weather is still cold. We will soon be allowed to sit outside and enjoy a meal. There is so much reason for hope and optimism after a long and challenging time. As the Song of Solomon has it, the winter is over and gone- the turtle dove is heard in the land once again.

As always, do say something if you need to have a chat, or would welcome some support- it is still not the easiest time for anyone and it is fine to feel weary and flat especially since we are having to relearn some social skills and sometimes the social time with friends or family might not be as easy as it used to be because we have not seen each other for so long. Don’t panic- take your time- be kind to yourself- and do talk to people as and when you need to. Here to help, as always!


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