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Bertie here, back again. I have managed to dry all of my waistcoats after the rain of last week, and have pumped out my mousehole, and am currently airing my favourite rug, made entirely out of Edam rind. In other words, all is well. Not least because it was Harvest at the weekend, and I got to tiptoe into the gifts while noone was looking and take a bit bite out of the most lovely cake. Sorry to whoever braved the hammer-wielding auctioneer and secured the cake- but to my mind, having Bertie’s paw prints and teeth-imprint makes the cake worth even more. Anyway, moving swiftly on, to business…

This Sunday is Safeguarding Sunday

Part of the service will include a focus in general terms on our call to be communities of love and safety for everyone, especially those who are most vulnerable. We have 8am and 9.30 at St Paul’s and then 10 at Woosehill, 11 at St Nick’s. People can just come along to all of our services now- you don’t need to book a place before you come. And, if you’re not comfortable coming to Church in person, you can still be part of it through the Livestream at 9.30 and 11.

News and Notices

Excellent news- we have finally been given permission to start the restoration work following on from the arson attack in March. We have pressed go with the insurers and are now waiting to see which team turns up first to get on with the work. Watch this space.

Meditation Group is back next week- on Tuesday- in person or on Zoom…

Susannah Riley is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Meditation Group Time: Oct 12, 2021 01:15 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 743 8800 9538 Passcode: 12345

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make Harvest a success this week, especially the Social Committee. We are still adding up the total raised by the Lunch and the auctions because Bertie doesn’t have many fingers to count on. And using his tail as an abacus is proving unreliable. Also, if you enjoy these events, why not volunteer to be part of the Committee? Please speak to Louise Cole or Richard for more details. But not Bertie because that will make him lose count.

Geraldine Lea’s funeral is on Monday the 18th of October- Requiem Mass at 11am followed by Committal in the Churchyard and then a reception at Woosehill Church. We need to gather enough cakes and fruit and snacks etc for the reception- please can you email Louise or Lynn Smith if you are able to offer a cake or something else? Thanks.

Last call for the Diocesan Pilgrimage to Oxford on the 16th of October- please let Richard or Louise know by 4pm on Friday if you would be interested in going, or finding out more, so we can book the places we need. And thanks to those who have replied and are waiting patiently for more information.

Out of interest… Cara and Richard have been into St Paul’s, Evendons (twice) and Ranelagh this week, and are going into Holme Grange and Emmbrook Juniors and Emmbrook Infants in the next few weeks to do assemblies. It is a really important part of what we do but inevitably hidden. We also welcome Kestrels Cubs Pack and Farley Hill School into Church for tours either this week or next.

And the latest update from Madagascar:

Thank you to those who have knitted crosses for the prayer corner in St Paul’s- do please look out for them.

The excellent Coffee and Chat on a Friday afternoon in the Parish Rooms (have you been along yet?) have signed up to the initiative to be a Friendship Table as part of the Friendship Alliance:

Our Charities

The PCC and Mustard Seed Group are currently consulting on which charities we should support. USPG and Soulscape are likely to continue- but if there is another charity you would like us to consider, please could you email a statement of about 150 words and a website link to Mary Cassidy at before 6pm on the 17th of October. Obviously, it goes without saying that we can’t support all of the excellent charities which will be nominated so please don’t be too disappointed if your charity is not the one selected- it is not a slight at all.

A Prayer: a paraphrase of Jeremiah 31 by Steven Shakespeare

A Song of the Heart

In the wilderness, in the waste places of our lives

We have found your presence

When you seemed far from us

You found us with an everlasting love

You build us up

When we come crashing down

You gather every different body

That bears the labels of shame and scars of suffering

And bring us to a place of healing

A radical place of acceptance

You empower us to live with joy

Confident in your boundless love

We do not need to hide our tears

For all we are is known to you

This is the new covenant, your promise

Which you gave to your people Israel

A love beyond the height of heaven

A love deeper than the earth’s foundation

A sharing of the heart and spirit

A knowing deeper than words can tell.

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