Thank Twix Bar it’s nearly Friday… Directory Enquiries! [192]

Hello again! Bertie here, back like Gandalf the Grey as he becomes Gandalf the White- actually, that’s a little bit overly dramatic- back like someone who has kindly allowed Fr Richard to have a turn on the keyboard and now is resuming his rightful place as the premier email-sender to all of the good burghers of Wokingham and the World.

Fr Richard would like to apologise for giving the wrong email address for people wanting to email notes of support to the RBH– the correct address is and not freya.parrish@ro… Actually, probably best not tell you the wrong address again in case that muddies things somewhat.

We are back to the main pattern of worship at the moment on Sunday morning, with the 10am from Woosehill, and the 9.30am from St Paul’s.

At the 9.30, Cara is preaching, Dawn Hardiman is doing the prayers of intercession and the reader will be Petra Johnstone.

All of the music will be recorded in advance so we can keep the number of people in the Church building during the livestream to a minimum.

The Gospel reading is John 1.43-end as we continue to keep the feast of Christmas together.

The Zoom Coffees after the services will happen as every week, more or less at 11am on Sunday:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 842 5114 5709 Passcode: 323725

And here is the Woosehill link after the 10am Online Service:

Meeting ID: 851 5575 9369 Password: 662208

Saturdays at 4 were very popular in the last lockdown, and the Quiz last Saturday which launched the new series of gatherings was very popular- thanks, Jane. This week: “Getting to know you..” Turn up with your best straight-faces and your most persuasive and compelling lie…

Meeting ID: 824 9898 9632   Passcode: 007776

Here is another suggestion on what makes people’s spirits lift at the moment…

One of the things that lifts my spirits is watching the birds on the bird-feeders; I could sit there all day.   We’ve had a pair of parakeets visiting ours but they disappear before I can get a photo.  If I succeed, I’ll send it over!

And finally, an update from the Diocese about an event on Wednesday introducing a new way of helping people learn about the Christian faith which is happening between now and Easter- do sign up if you would like to go along…

        Come & See
Zoom conversations with clergy and lay leaders

At the beginning of John’s gospel two disciples begin to follow Jesus. Jesus begins with a question: “What are you looking for?”. The disciples ask: “Where are you staying?”. Jesus says: “Come and see” and they walk with him…
  Come and See is an invitation from our Bishops to the communities of our Diocese to take the first steps in exploring faith. As the communities we serve journey through COVID, many people are asking deep questions of faith. According to the latest national research, 20% of those engaging with online church were not regular attendees before the pandemic.

Some of our churches are already engaging with people through adapting what they do to the digital reality through online Alpha, Christianity Explored or Pilgrim. That’s great. But many of our churches are small and lack the resources and sometimes the confidence to help people discover or come back to Christian faith.

Our Bishops are offering practical support through an invitation to Come and See in the four weeks before Lent. The invitation will be to explore the life-giving truths of the Creed this Lent through small groups, resources for personal reflection and one to one conversations.


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