The Walter Lecture

Climate Justice – Call to action for a fairer future

Thursday 18 July 2024
St Paul’s Parish Rooms

Ruth Gibbs – Oxfam Representative

Those who have done the least to cause the climate crisis are paying the highest price.  What is the experience of people in the Global South? What mitigation strategies are being implemented?  In our unequal world, the rights of a few to profit from pollution are protected while the rest of us pay the price. The time is now!  Together let’s hold the most powerful to account. 

About me:

I have a Master’s degree in Practising Sustainable Development from the University of London.  I completed an Internship at Oxfam in 2007.  After having children, I returned as a volunteer guest speaker.  I conduct talks, assemblies and workshops in schools and community groups, in the local area.  I am also chair of the Reading Area Fundraising Group who raise money locally for Oxfam’s work. I believe passionately in Oxfam’s work as they not only help to reduce poverty around the world but campaign to eliminate the root causes of poverty.

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