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Hello, Bertie here, though I’m actually too full of cheese, crackers and cheer to say much after a few days very welcome R&R at the curates.  We’ve been entertaining each other with cheese jokes, a skill neither or us knew would ever come in handy and yet, here we are.  Here’s some crackers (see what I did there?) from the past few days…

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?  

Nacho cheese.

Why did the cheese lose a fight with a stone?  

Because the Roquefort back.

When can’t you see a cheese?  

When it’s pasteurised…

How do you handle dangerous cheese?


Now for some church and parish information:

Friday Evening, tomorrow, at 7pm we will be holding a service of prayer and remembrance marking the death of Prince Philip.  The order of service is here and it will be livestreamed via YouTube.

Here is the order of service for Sunday’s service, which you can come in-person at 9.30am (no booking needed) or of course, join for worship over livestream on YouTube.  

And here are the links to join in with the Zoom Coffees after the Service:

St N and St P Coffee on a Sunday morning after the 9.30 Mass

Meeting ID: 842 5114 5709
Passcode: 323725

Woosehill Coffee on a Sunday morning after the 10am Service

Meeting ID: 851 5575 9369
Password: 662208

St Nick’s is starting again in the village hall at 11am.  It is really exciting, and the same restrictions with masks, social distancing, which also
means limited numbers.  The service is fully booked for 18th, and for subsequent weeks please book a seat by emailing Liz Gallagher: 

The 8am BCP Mass at St Paul’s will start back on April the 25th and happen every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from then on. This will be an excellent service for people to come to who might be concerned about being round too many people, or would welcome a shorter
service. It’s also a really good sign that things continue to return and to start up again in a really encouraging way.

Tuesday evening saw the start of a new Bible study where we are studying the letter of 1 John, and possibly 2 and 3 John afterwards too.  If you missed Tuesday evening, we read through the letters together as a whole, and also watched this whistle-stop overview, Watch: 1-3 John Bible Book Overview Video | BibleProject™.  Do please join in next week.  If you’d like a study book and haven’t already asked or got one, please do let Cara know. (  7.15pm – 8.30pm and the zoom information is:

Parish Study Group on Tuesday 6th April at 7:15pm. 

Zoom 861 4762 3913, Password 702050

And lastly, we are thinking about how to spread some cheer, sunshine and smiles to our friends and neighbours across the community.  Woosehill Tadpoles group did this before Easter with bunches of flowers and a little note to say:

Here’s a little bit of sunshine

To brighten up your week

I hope it makes you smile and

Stops you feeling bleak.

If you’d like to do something similar, it can be a simple note, flowers, chocolate, cheese (sorry, Bertie took over for a bit there!) then do drop round and maybe send a picture in to show Bertie what made you smile.  The weather is warmer, there are more people out, more vaccines given, and this is making some people smile and feel more positive and for others it might feel a little overwhelming.  However you are feeling, there is likely to be someone else also feeling that way.  Be gentle with yourselves and others, we will all be ready to do different things at different times and do get in touch if you need.

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