288 – We will remember them

Hello Bertie here, I’m just having a quick 5 minute cheese break.  Well, OK, 10 minutes, because cheese is a thing of beauty and should never be rushed.  Unless there’s a cat chasing you, in which case, save yourself and the cheese as fast as possible.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes.  I’m very grateful for cheese and also for Roy Burgess for coming to take the service on Sunday at St Paul’s and St Nick’s, as Richard tested positive for covid.  And I’m also grateful that Richard hasn’t been too poorly with it and should be back on Sunday.   And I’m also grateful that a cat hasn’t appeared whilst I’ve been thinking about all the things I’m grateful for.  In fact, thinking of all these things has made me smile and I’m definitely going to sit and be grateful more often.

Sunday morning: We will remember them

The 14th November is Remembrance Sunday, with a 9.30am St Paul’s Parish Mass and 11am St Nick’s Community Eucharist.

Attached are the two booklets that a team consisting of Jim Bell, Jane Clark, Vince Pearson and Richard Lamey put together over the last few years, containing all of the information we have on those who are named on the War Memorials at St Paul’s. There are also some printed copies at the back of St Paul’s if you would like to hold these people and names in your hands by way of noticing, praying and remembering.

If you have chance, please do read through them, maybe find a common thread with one of the people listed and then listen out for their name as if for a friend or child. If you have children, why not do the same- if they play cricket, find a cricket player- if you thye go to Ranelagh, find someone from Ranelagh, or someone with your surname etc. These connections are vital in making remembering real and in keeping the flame of memory alive, and in helping us notice and relate their lives to ours.

Looking ahead to future Sunday’s, does anyone want to join the serving team and be an acolyte?  If you’ve joined us since lockdown, you won’t have seen this before, and basically it involves carrying the candles as we process in and for the Gospel.  No experience necessary and full training given on the removal of candle wax from clothing….

Messages from Mary:

Dear Friends

In the month or so since members of the congregation were asked to nominate charities to receive financial support from the parish over the next 3 years the Mustard Seed group and I have been made aware of a number of organisations about which we previously knew little or nothing.

Thank you for all your suggestions, which were passionate, informative and encouraging. Your contributions to the process are much appreciated.

Recommendations will be put before the next meeting of the PCC later this month. As was said in Bertie email #283, “Obviously, it goes without saying that we can’t support all of the excellent charities … nominated, so please don’t be too disappointed if your charity is not the one selected – it is not a slight at all”.

In the future we hope to publicise and regularly pray for some of the amazing charities supported by individuals of the parish, including the ones nominated, highlighting some of the excellent work being done and perhaps encouraging others to become supporters or volunteers too.

May God bless you as you seek to build His Kingdom.


And one more plug for the Quiet Day:

If you haven’t yet booked your place on the Quiet Day (16th November) there is still time to contact and do so, before Saturday 13th please so that things can be organised!

Mary asked me to point out that if you are struggling with the idea of a whole day of quiet, it is only from 10am to 2.30pm, and there will be things to focus on, not just empty silence. It is also a time when you could focus on

‘what we might call the “Prayer of Listening.” In this prayer, the focus is on listening to God, who reveals himself in our inmost being. You listen at the core of your being to the deepest voice of all, the voice of God and of the Spirit. Thomas Merton describes this kind of prayer as “finding one’s deepest centre, awakening the profound depths of our being in the presence of God, who is the source of our being and life.”’

If you have never tried a Quiet Day, it’s worth giving it a go!

The latest news from Bishop Hall is attached to read and reflect on:

Marriage of Figaro Concert

Tickets available online or on the night, The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart, Thursday 18th November 7.30pm with some acting as well as music – sounds like it’s going to be wonderful.

Sin Boldly Sermon

Nadia Bolz-Weber, a Lutheran minister and public theologian, proclaims the Gospel message boldly and has written a powerful sermon for Reformation Day, which you can read here: Sin Boldly – by Nadia Bolz-Weber – The Corners by Nadia Bolz-Weber (


Soulscape is celebrating 25 years working with young people in our local schools, and kicking off the celebrations with a Jazzy Christmas Party next month. Please come along and have a good laugh for a good cause in ‘real life’! You don’t have to be involved with Soulscape to enjoy this festive night out – everyone’s welcome, so bring your friends.

“More than 25 years ago our girls were at Emmbrook School and we joined a parent and teacher prayer group. During one meeting somebody said they had heard of school workers in another area and wondered if this was something we could consider. So we prayed….”

  • Angela Shipton

25 years later, thanks to your church’s support, Soulscape is bigger than ever and celebrating a quarter of a century working with young people in Wokingham schools – and beyond.


We’re kicking off the celebrations with a Jazzy Christmas Party next month. Please come along, we’d love to see you there in ‘real life’ having a good laugh for a good cause. You don’t have to be involved with Soulscape to enjoy this festive night out – everyone’s welcome, so bring a friend!

  • Saturday 27 November, from 7:45pm
  • King’s Place, 9 Station Road, Wokingham
  • Live music from The Kings of Jazz
  • Licensed bar
  • Christmas raffle
  • Tickets £10, all proceeds will fund Soulscape’s work


Tickets are on sale now – please buy them in advance online from

You can also find them by visiting and searching for “Soulscape”, or you can buy tickets directly through the Soulscape Facebook page.

Prayer and blessing for Remembrance Day

Ever-living God,

We remember those whom you have gathered from the storm of war into the peace of your presence;

May that same peace calm our fears,

Bring justice to all peoples

and establish harmony among the nations,

through Jesus Christ our Lord. 


May the peace of God guide you and be present in all you do and say.

May the love of God enfold you and remind you daily of how precious you are.

May the hope of God surround you and be noticed by those you meet.

And may the blessing of God be with you and remain with you always.

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