#275: Why has it felt like March for the 19 weeks since it actually was March?

Dear friends,

With Bertie still hitch-hiking from secret cheese cellar to secret cheese cellar all across Continental Europe, he is still expecting me to send out these emails as well as water his plants, empty his letterbox and talk to the contents of his elaborate and extensive cheese cupboards and annex.

The weekend ahead

If you are free tomorrow why not pop down to help with the team working in the Churchyard and serving refreshments- it’s a great way to meet up with people while doing something very useful and very important which is of great benefit to the community.

On Sunday, there is an 8am BCP Eucharist, and then 9.30, 10 and 11 as usual. It’s great that Elaine Steere and Doreen Murgatroyd are working together, with others, to lead the 10am- and St Paul’s is delighted to welcome Adrian Stark-Ordish to Preside at the 9.30. As well as being a friend, he is also the Chaplain of Wellington College in Crowthorne.

Also, as part of our ongoing reflection on how things work in Church, we’re going to go back to using the same door people come in through to go out through at the end of the service- the South Door might be open for ventilation purposes but we’re going to send everyone out through the North Door from now on.

What’s been occurring

The Mother’s Union had an excellent trip to Lambourn on Thursday of this week- here are some of the photos they submitted for publication…

News and upcoming excitements

The four August Lucky Numbers winning numbers were selected at random by the Lamey Family on the 19th August. 

The lucky winners were:-

£50   No 43 Lesley & David Ruddock

£25   No 31 Petra Johnstone

£15   No 68 Pam & Tony Roberts

£10   No 5 Jackie Alexander

The Draw is a simple way of raising funds for repairs and renewals to the church building. One share (number) costs £24 per year and the draw takes place monthly (either at St Nicholas’s or St Paul’s) for prizes of £50, £25, £15 and £10. All remaining funds go to the Restoration Fund. If you would like to subscribe, or want further information, please contact Tony Roberts (979 5351), Liz Gallagher (989 1176) or Mary Cassidy (979 5096) – or in person at church (Mary at St Paul’s, Tony or Liz at St Nicholas’).

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