#274: Not a lot of things in the news to joke about at the moment

[Excellent colouring of the sheet from Church by Jem Jordaan]

Some quick things to think about and remember at the moment- do please read them carefully because they might apply to you.

a) Ride and Stride needs you- see email 268 for full details- cycle! sponsor! Welcome people! Walk around! Hop from Church to Church! The choice is yours.

b) As we continue to adjust from the old way of doing things to a newer one, we are going to make more of the procession at the end of the service at St Paul’s- and then people will leave through the main (North) door as they used to before the pandemic started last year. It is easier for people who need the ramp and there is less concern about two-way traffic than there used to be.

c) Mary Cassidy, as Deputy Warden for Spirituality and Mission, is going to be contacting various groups in the next weeks to talk about prayer and the idea of having a retreat, and how the Church can do a better job of supporting you in your praying and journey with God. Do look out for her- and do find her first if you are bursting with ideas and would like to make sure your thoughts are included.

d) The Parish Office will be closed from Mon the 23rd of August to Mon the 6th of September- in that time, please could you contact a member of the Clergy or a Warden with anything you need? Thanks.

e) The Taverners have started to meet again- a lunchtime gathering for gentlemen in a Twon centre eating den on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. You would be very welcome to join them. Email Chris Rutter for more info-

f) A Notice from Woosehill about music on a Sunday morning (it is aimed mainly for people at Woosehill on a regular basis but it might be that you would welcome the chance to play an instrument at Woosehill once a month or something like that)

Could you play a musical instrument in church?

On Sunday 8th August, it was formally announced that Mike and Janet will sadly be relocating away from Wokingham. We will miss them but wish them well for the future. 

 As Mike is not planning to play at Woosehill beyond September, I am looking to build a new music group but need musicians. My plan is to play once per month. The concept is a “No guilt band” which means you do not have to commit to play every month or perfectly.

We are looking for musicians who can ideally: Sight read simple music notation or guitar chord symbols in a reasonable key at a reasonable tempo. The need to read music is driven by the notice that we are given of the hymns to play the following Sunday.

Each Sunday, there will also be instrumental music played before and after the service, which can be planned further in advance. Anyone who can play a musical instrument is welcome to contribute.

We do not expect musicians to:

Play without mistakes or to a professional standard.

Prior experience of playing in a group, band or orchestra is not required.

We will be a work in progress and hopefully it will be fun and rewarding!

I would provide:

Sheet music for your instrument for the 4 hymns/worship songs, 4 days in advance.

An mp3 piano accompaniment track for each hymn, with the sheet music, for your practise.

You may, of course, already be confident enough to play on your own as a soloist, as Mike has done in the past.

Music practise would start 1 hour before the service starts.

If you are interested, please contact me:

Derek Hutchinson, or Louise Cole in the Office

I was brought up as an only child- which, it turns out, always upset my twin brother.

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