#276 Start of the thrilling Paralympics

Dear friends, Romans and countrypeople,

Good morning. I have this morning received a postcard from Bertie the Churchmouse- it took me ages to get it because he couldn’t afford a stamp to put on the back of it so I had to go and pay excess postage. He is currently staying in a rehab clinic for those who have become overly reliant of the rush they get when they glimpse and sense or inhale the aroma of cheese. It is going ok, he says, although he is getting sore from the slaps they deal out whenever they show him a picture of cheese. He is hoping to be home soon so he can start to take on extra work to repay the mammoth debt he owes to an unscrupulous cheese pusher from the Pyrenees.

Anyway, in less exciting but more truthful news…

Sunday 5th of September sees the Choir and J-Club start back at St Paul’s, as well as the traditional Blessing of Bags in preparation for the new School year:

The Wokingham Arts Trail is happening next month on the 18th-19th Sept in various venues:

Harvest Lunch of Soup and rolls will happen on Sunday October the 3rd in the Parish Rooms- do put the date in now.

A quote from Soren Kiekergaard which helps us understand what is happening during a sermon:

“People have an idea that the preacher is an actor on the stage and they are the critics … What they don’t know is that they are the actors on the stage; the preacher is merely the prompter standing in the wings, reminding them of their lost lines”

And here is the latest article sent in by Bishop Hall of Madagascar: thanks to Jane for sending it on.

And a poem sent in by Chris Field on Grandparents:

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