286: the number of minutes until the clocks change, or not, depending on when you read this

Hello, Bertie here, on what I thought might be a quiet week, but it appears that the clocks are changing, or doing something, and some clocks get changed by hand and some do it automatically.  Although I have been in the curate’s car recently and I don’t think she changed her car clock last time, so I guess that means some will finally tell the right time?  Honestly, it all seems very confusing for a little mouse, and I mislaid my pocket watch a while ago anyway.  All I know is that we get an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning, which is all very well but I do think that’s an hour that could be better spent eating cheese, but there we go.  Anyway, I think we all might need the extra hour to get through this bumper addition of information, maybe get a nice hunk of cheese and settle down, and don’t forget to change your clocks…or not… I shall be found dividing a nice cheese log into 12 and eating a piece every 5 minutes until I’ve gained an hour…

Sunday 31st All Saints and All Souls

This coming Sunday we will be keeping the feasts of All Saints in the morning.  At St Paul’s 9.30am, this will be an All Together Mass, for which there’s an extra sheet attached to go with the main Sunday morning service sheet.

In the evening for All Soul’s, please do walk round the candlelit churchyard, come to the service at 6.15pm, stay for coffee or tea afterwards. Also, if you would like the name of a loved one remembered in the service, please email Louise or write it on the list at the back of Church.  The service will be livestreamed and the order of service can be found here:

Bells on 30th October, 6pm

St Paul’s Bellringers are going to ring at 6pm on Saturday 30th, to join in the ‘Ring out for Climate initiative’, as a way of support and prayer for those gathering for the United Nations Climate Change conference in Glasgow.  You can read more about that here:

Church bells across nation set to ring in warning of climate catastrophe ahead of COP26 | The Church of England

And do listen out and pause to pray when you hear them, about our world, those most affected by climate change and about our individual and community call to do what we can, where we can.

Churchyard news from Andy

The roof of the Bier Shed has been replaced with a new metal roof which should be less liable to being damaged by people going on the roof.  This is thanks to Derek and Andrew how spent much of their Tuesday with me, completing the job.  The waste material will be bagged up on the next working party and will be removed thereafter.  Pictures will follow. 

Just a reminder that it is churchyard working party this weekend and payback have said they will attend this week. Jobs remain the same – cut grass and remove it to the compost heap – there is loads to do …. Other jobs are available as well – whatever takes your fancy!

Working party will be Saturday 30th October any time from 9-4. Refreshments will be available as usual.

Two walks for Climate Change concern

There are two walk at 9.15am from Elms Field on the 31st of October organised by All Saints, and then churches in Reading are planning a peaceful march to show our care for God’s creation – on Saturday 6th November at 1pm. “It feels like people would like to have a simple way they can make a difference with regard to Climate Change, and these walks/marches are a tangible – and local – way to do that. If you want further information, the person organising the Reading march is Nathan Hunt, Minister of Shinfield Baptist Church, and his email is

Quiet Day 16th November

If you haven’t yet booked your place on the Quiet Day (16th November) there is still time to contact and do so.

Mary asked me to point out that if you are struggling with the idea of a whole day of quiet, it is only from 10am to 2.30pm, and there will be things to focus on, not just empty silence. It is also a time when you could focus on

‘what we might call the “Prayer of Listening.” In this prayer, the focus is on listening to God, who reveals himself in our inmost being. You listen at the core of your being to the deepest voice of all, the voice of God and of the Spirit. Thomas Merton describes this kind of prayer as “finding one’s deepest centre, awakening the profound depths of our being in the presence of God, who is the source of our being and life.”’

If you have never tried a Quiet Day, it’s worth giving it a go!

Evening Service November 7th, 6.15pm, Woosehill

The plan is to start offering a second evening service, on the first Sunday of the month, called ‘Be Still.’  On 7th November there will be a Taize-style service at Woosehill, with space for some singing, stillness, silence and reflection. 


It enables our work to flourish and our organisation to thrive.
In Oxford Diocese we are doing well, we just need your help to find a TREASURER. Daily finance work will be done in-house, so Treasurer duties are less. Please keep asking people and put this notice in your church newsletter.
Experienced in finance? Become an integral part of the largest Anglican missionary organisation and help Mothers’ Union in the Oxford Diocese to keep vital projects going locally and even worldwide, which transform communities. The role is not onerous, just:

  • Set up and monitor budgets, reporting to Trustees every 2 months
  • Prepare annual consolidated accounts
  • Administer investments held by the charity
  • Be part of the Finance & Admin team, who advise and support the Trustee Board

Please contact Louise Butler via for further information

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