#317: Millennium Falcons

Bertie here- bit of a good day, bad day kind of vibe here- on one hand, the Bishop of Reading came and blessed the new icon (which I really enjoy looking at when there is no one else around to disturb me) and Louise gave me my very own mug of cheese straws- all to myself- life does not get much better than that. There is also something very satisfying about a Church service which ends with the sound of a champagne cork! The Livestream lasts for about 40 minutes and is well worth looking at- it was really enjoyable, even before the cheese straw excitement.

But then the bad news- I have to tell you that everyone seems thrilled that there are two peregrine falcons nesting on the Church tower- well, everyone apart from the local (dwindling) pigeon population and me, your resident mouse. The risk assessments before I am allowed to leave the safety of the Church walls are enormous- it’s going to take days to fill them in. Better get on with it- in other news…

Fr Richard and I are running the Reading Half Marathon on Sunday the 3rd of April- well, he is going to be running and I am going to be hitching a life in his pocket so we can share the medal at the end. I’ll have it first. We are doing it to raise money for the RBH as a way of thanking the staff there for their amazing efforts over the last few years in particular- we have already reached our sponsorship target because of some massively generous people, but if anyone else would like to sponsor us then the link is here: Richard Lamey is fundraising for Royal Berks Charity (

I attach again the information sheet about the new Icon in St Paul’s, which is well worth spending time with:

Coming Soon

Excellent looking concert to raise funds for the Church restoration fund put together by some parents from the Holt, with some outstanding soloists- on Saturday, 5pm to 6.15pm.

This Sunday the clocks confusingly leap forward, don’t forget, and it is Mothering Sunday- so there is an 8am and then a 9.30 (Livestreamed) and a 10am but no 11am because this is a Sunday when St Nick’s come back to their ‘Mother Church’ for worship. We won’t have real daffodils this year so do buy your own if you normally rely on that bit of the service. See you then! It is also the last day to hand in any new Electoral Roll forms for the parish so do bring them along with you on the day.

The next 5,6, 7, 8 meeting is on Monday at 4.30- see you then. Do ask for the Zoom link if you have a child in those School years, or are indeed yourself a child in those years.

It is Jackie Alexander’s funeral on Tuesday at 2pm- Requiem Eucharist in Church followed by burial in the Churchyard and refreshments in the Parish Rooms. Do come along if you possibly can.

Looking Further Ahead

Teri would be grateful for some volunteers to help clean the church on Monday 4th April, from 10am.  

News of the funeral of Chris Pape, who was such an amazing leader and disciple within Wokingham for so long:

“We will be having a celebration service for Mum (Chris Pape) at 2.30pm on Wednesday 6th April.

The service will be held at Easthampstead Park Crematorium, Easthampstead Park, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 3DW

The service will also be available to watch remotely & we’ll post more details about that separately & nearer to the time.

Mum didn’t want people to be sad about her death, so if you do want to attend please wear bright colours. 

Please complete a LFT prior to the service if you do want to join us (& wear a mask). 

Following the service we’ll be gathering at the Oakingham Belle in Wokingham (from 3.15pm onwards) to remember Mum & celebrate her life.

Full address for the Oakingham Belle is Oaks Avenue, Wokingham, RG40 1LH 

Rather than flowers we feel that Mum would prefer donations to be made to JAC in a Box should you wish to:”

Easter Breakfast

We will be serving breakfast after the 5.30am service from 7am to 9.15am in the Parish Rooms on Easter Sunday 17th April if you would like to attend there will be a sign up sheet at the back of St Paul’s shortly or you can email Margaret Davies who will add you to the list, this is so we have a idea of how much food to buy. There is no charge for the breakfast but donations to our three charities would be gratefully received. Thanks. Margaret

Update on Ukraine from the Diocese

We are working with Citizens UK to lean on their expertise in community sponsorship and their networks to connect refugees with hosts (the government aren’t doing the matching – you require a named host/guest for the scheme to proceed). The Diocese have made a commitment to resettle 50 Ukrainian individuals and hope that it will be more than this.

In order to make this happen we have asked people across the Diocese to register their interest to host or offer other support (such as providing transport, helping registration to GPs/schools, befriending etc): Do share this as widely as you like, including to your deanery members.

We are having Zoom briefing calls for potential hosts this week (Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon), and next week similar Zoom briefing calls for those offering other support. The information for these is being distributed to those who register their interest using the form in the above link. The best thing is for people interested in helping to attend one of these Zoom calls if possible.

More information and other collated resources on how to act and pray are available on this page of the website:

Best wishes, Hannah

Hannah Ling (she/her)
Social Justice Adviser
Diocese of Oxford

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