#321: Holy Week lift-off

Top 10 things to take note of as we step into Holy Week 2022- in no particular order

Come to as many services as you can in Holy Week- Mon, Tues and Wed see services at 8.30/9, midday and 8pm. Then the Triduum Services as printed and readily advertised. It is the one week of the year when we have to be with Jesus. We couldn’t do it in full in 2020 or 2021. Make this year a special year.

1. If you have a trumpet or drum or something to beat or rattle to make some music then bring it along on Sunday morning for the procession, and on Maundy Thursday, and again on Easter Day, as a key way of marking Holy Week.

2. We are postponing the Social on Sunday evening until Sunday the 8th of May at 6pm in the Parish Rooms because so many people sent their apologies and said that they would love to come but can’t come now. Do please put the date in now and commit in your heart to come along. It is conceived as a social event for everyone, really, to get together and get to know each other. See you there!

3. We are going to be washing feet again on Maundy Thursday, which is one of the most moving and beautiful parts of the Week. Can you please offer to have a foot washed? Thanks. Maundy Thursday is also going to be a joint service with All Saints so Hannah Higginson will preach and deacon the Mass.

4. A reminder that, like much of the global church, we veil crosses and most pictures in Church for Passiontide and Holy Week, to help us to focus on the penitential aspect of the liturgical season, reminding us that our faith in all of its glory is only possible because of the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross.

5. Try a new service that you don’t normally come to this year- for example, the service at 8pm on Saturday evening is always slow and beautiful and a tender and moving way of getting ready for Easter Day.

6. Wed House Mass this week is at Liz’s House- and there is no service (or MP on Tues or Fri) in Easter Week.

7. Peter Shilham asks which Sunday is Bertie’s favourite in the whole year? Parmesan Sunday.

8. Mary Cassidy says:

Found this very helpful video from Canterbury Cathedral explaining a bit more about how to use icons – 12 minutes well worth spending for anyone who is interested in but not quite understanding the point of our beautiful new  icon!

worth telling Bertie!

9.If you want a yummy bacon sandwich on Easter Day after the 5.30 Service, you need to sign up this weekend- and to be frank, who wouldn’t!

10. If you are away this week, have an amazing time. And it will be super to see you again soon, upon your return.

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