#388: what a very tidy Churchyard we have at the moment

Sad to say that, inspired by the example of so many workers this year, Bertie is on strike until his cheese allowance is increased. The placards he has put outside his mousehole say things like “Say cheese if you’re with me” and “Things are wheely bad” and “Don’t let them rind you down.” He is very clear that his income has not kept up with the rising dairy prices, and that crackers have gone up in price by 14.2% and he is not going to work until we do something about it.

I will do my very best to fill the immense gap his sudden silence leaves- and Lyn Austen, our Church Treasurer, will be in touch about a new giving campaign into a Restricted Fund which will basically be an open tab for Bertie at the legendary Nibble and Crumb Cheese Purveyors of Pangbourne. (This bit is not true but as part of my ongoing negotiations with that particular mouse I need to make him feel that we are taking his ridiculous complaints as seriously as he himself is). So, to the news…

Services this Sunday at 8am, 9.30, 10 and 11, as usual. We are starting a short sermon series this week on the areas of ministry and work identified by the Diocese as being priorities for the whole Diocese as we strive to become a more Christlike Church for the sake of God’s world. We will not be working on them all but it is important that we at least think about them and are aware of them as we move into the Autumn.

Two particular highlights on the 20th of August- Joe Carrabine (from the 8am Service) is being baptised during the 9.30 and then Chris Cipkin is offering an Organ Recital in the evening at 6.15pm- do come along and do bring your friends and neighbours as well because it will be excellent. (See poster below)

We have had this very warm email from MU HQ in response to our donation to the Church in Madagascar:

I trust you had a good holiday and your email also found me on my leave from which I’ve just returned.

Many thanks for your response about the funds being for Mahajanga diocese to support the MU there alongside some building work. Hopefully the MU members from the diocese will be making their way down to Fianarantsoa for the 120th anniversary and Sheran’s visit.

Very many thanks for your support to the MU in Madagascar and how important this visit and anniversary gathering is and will provide a huge encouragement to the whole membership across the country.

Best wishes


Naomi Herbert, Regional Development Lead

And a short report from the most recent outing of the MU, which, it seems, Bertie broke his own picket line to attend…

A couple of photos from our lovely tea at Riseley Tea Rooms yesterday.  Great place for a summer outing, especially with this weather!

Our last MU meeting, which was attended by other people, was about St Bart’s Hospital, founded in 1123.  Jane Kraft and Anne Grice gave a wonderful presentation. Jane hopes you can mention that Songs of Praise (1.15 on BBC1) is visiting St Bart’s on the 6th of August.

And Cara very much recommends this website which is comments on the Lectionary but focusing not on the Gospels, which we tend to dwell on in the sermons, but on the other readings we are offered, especially the Old Testament-

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