#324: the week which gives trainspotting a whole new meaning- “I saw one. I really, really did. Cubs honour.”

Bertie here, back with good news- or alright news depending on who you are- Richard is all better and looking over my shoulder as I type this email, checking that I am not saying anything libellous or anti-feline. Cats smell. (He looked away for a moment so I think I got away with that one). It is nice to have him back, of course, although life was blissful without him popping up and making suggestions and being all enthusiastic all over the place. I mean, honestly- no one needs that sort of optimism do they really? It’s just exhausting. So tired now just thinking about it. Here is the news. After a helpful cartoon from Andrew Harte in the Choir:

And PS- I have just heard that the Defib has been fitted outside the entrance to the Parish Rooms- it’s important that we all know that it is there and thank you to the groups and charities which have helped to fund it.

This Week and Sunday

There is an 8am BCP Mass this week at St Paul’s, which slipped off Pews News somehow, so come along- and then services at 9.30, 10 and 11 as usual and in the usual places. It is also Miles Welborn’s Ordination as Priest on Sunday at Dorchester Abbey, followed by his first Mass that evening, so a number of people will be there instead of in the parish. There might be a Livestream on the Diocesan website but I haven’t seen any details of that yet.

PCC Standing Committee meet on Monday night so do make any comments or suggestions or offer praise through any member of the group. All feedback is always gratefully received, and carefully considered.

June and July

There is a huge amount of stuff going on in June and July so do keep putting things in your diary, do keep coming along and do keep asking Louise Cole in the Office for more information or just to find out what things are. In particular…

Social Event for year 5, 6, 7, and 8s at Peter and Pauline’s on Sunday the 26th in the pm- you should have received an invite already but let Louise know if you haven’t had the details

Sunday the 3rd of July- Parish BBQ– book now to reserve your lobster* (and please note that the Hymns in the Churchyard which was hesitantly suggested for that day isn’t going to happen now because there is so much going on in July). If you have a gazebo you could bring along, and are willing to help out by moving chairs and tables around etc, then the organisers would be delighted to hear from you.

*other foods might replace lobster if there is a shortage of such crustaceans at the wholesaler

Sunday the 10th of July- Chat over coffee after Mass about St Paul’s Church, and what we do, and why we do things in the way that we do them- spirituality, worship, prayer, service et al

Sunday the 17th of July- Festival for Peace led by and focused on the Choir, and those who want to come along and sing for the day- see poster and previous emails for info- do come along and do bring your friends and neighbours as well to make it a brilliant day and a superb way into the summer.

Other Exciting notices and such like

St Paul’s Taverners is a group for men to meet up, have a chat and enjoy lunch and a drink. We meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month convening at 12.15. at Ye Olde Leathern Bottel on Barkham Road. This place offers plenty of parking for those that need to drive. We did not meet through the winter but since we have re-convened, we eat outside, usually at table no. 302. If you would like to come along to the Taverners please contact Chris Rutter (email to get your name included on the email notification which is issued before each meeting.

A notice for a service in Oxford on the 9th of July:

Saying Goodbye, (part of the Mariposa Trust) are returning to Oxford in July with a Baby loss remembrance and support service (part of a Nationwide chain of events). We are so delighted to be able to return to a full program of events following the effects of Covid-19.

The Mariposa Trust’s core objective is to support people who have lost babies at any stage of pregnancy, at birth, or in infancy. It was founded in 2012, by Zoe and Andy Clark-Coates, who saw a critical lack of support for people like them, who had gone through baby loss. With over 258,000 babies being lost yearly in the UK alone, the charity needed to be able to offer not only a comprehensive package of befriending and support but also national baby loss remembrance services (called Saying Goodbye Services), for people to join together and remember the children they had lost. 6 years on, over 130 services have taken place at Cathedrals and Minsters across the UK, US, and France, and 2022 will see 20 services across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. 

On the 9th July at 7.30 pm, in Christ Church, Cathedral, Oxford we will be hosting one of our Saying Goodbye Services.

So who is the service for? Anyone who has either personally lost a baby at any stage of pregnancy, at birth, or in early years, or who has been affected by family members or friends’ loss.  Whether the loss was recent or 80 years ago, everyone is welcome to attend. We have also extended the services, and gladly welcome anyone who is grieving the fact that they haven’t had children. This may be due to circumstance, infertility, or for other reasons – but all are welcome. Babies and children are also invited to come with their families, as the Saying Goodbye service is truly a family event for all.

We know that as 1 in 4 women suffer miscarriage and baby loss, you will have contact with a significant number of people who have either personally suffered baby loss, or who have a partner or family member that has, so we wanted to ask if you would help us in promoting the service.

 To read more on the charity, please see the Saying Goodbye website, which you can find at:

See this poster from Sonning Deanery for a Grant for parishes around the Green Agenda– if you have any ideas for St Paul’s do let a member of the PCC know…

Tea and Talk with our excellent friend, Bishop Hall, from Madagascar, led by the MU: July the 16th:

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