#374: May the King live forever

Dear friends, I, Bertie, need to let you know that I am in hiding. There was a sudden shock announcement last week of some kind of Mouse Hunt. I was not consulted, or warned, or notified about this outrage. I do not understand how this can be considered sport in the 21st century- people with torches and pitchforks chanting and threatening and posturing and coming closer and closer- so, wanting to avoid the stress of all of that, and the way in which my whiskers would turn white with the pressure of staying hidden, I am going away for a few days to somewhere quieter where they like mouses and do not hunt them for fun. You can do the email yourself, Rector- it serves you right. Call me when the hunting of mouses has stopped. Bye.

So, I guess it’s over to me…

Do come along to the, ahem, well, hunting of knitted mice and the cake and tea session on Sunday- and do stay for what promises to be a joyous and enjoyable service at 5.15pm on Sunday afternoon:

The Rev’d Canon John Edwards is preaching at St Paul’s on Sunday morning for the Coronation- he has long been involved as a member of the clergy team in Finchampstead and is now, wonderfully and excitingly, looking to offer one Sunday a month in our parish. Many of you know him already and it will be super to welcome him.

Other Bits and Bobs

St Cecilia’s School is hosting a Summer Fair on the 10th of June- would anyone from the local community like to help organise it? and does anyone have a stall they would like to run, like painting faces or doing a raffle or games? Please contact the School if so.


Thank you so much to everyone for your regular supplies of newspapers, we currently have a very healthy supply at the practice so won’t need anymore for a while. If we start to run short I will put the call out again but we are very grateful for all received so far.  Thank you! Alice

And here is the latest Deanery Prayer Cycle, for May

Finally, here is a poem from Myrtle Hall which Colin Weedon used in some prayers a few weeks ago- beautiful, moving and memorable. Enjoy.

Today, Lord, a new day – laid open.

And here am I, waiting to step into it.

And yet there is a feeling of uncertainty,

Even fear, of what it holds.

Fear of what it will demand of me.

Have I the resources, Lord, to meet this day?

Can I enter it with joy and certainty and contentment ?


My child, this is the day I have made for you.

Accept it gladly, dance into it,

And carry with you the Joy of resurrection,

The Peace of self-giving,

The Love that forgives and gives.

Delight yourself in this day,

As a child delights in all that is new.

Revel in it.

Absorb it,

For it is TODAY, new,

This day that I have made.

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