#378: the email with no name

Bertie is very sorry but he has decided to head to the country for a quick break with his Aunt Jemima, which is all well and good but he hadn’t finished his chores or his emails when the hot air balloon was leaving so, scandalously, he just left before posting a letter to me, the Rector, from deepest Gloucestershire asking me to do his email and to put his bins out. Which is pretty poor form, I’m sure you’ll agree. I will do my very best to step into his small but perfectly made shoes with- the News!

Coming Soon

Services this weekend are at 9.30, 10 and 11, as usual- it is Trinity Sunday so the focus will be very much on trying to grasp something of the grandeur and beauty and love and community which is the heart of God, one in three and three in one. Canon John Edwards will be presiding and preaching at St Paul’s and St Nick’s- it will be super to welcome him back to the parish.

On Monday there will be a fascinating talk by one of Cara’s friends in Reading on theology, God and the sea:

(20+) The Sea as a Place of Spiritual Encounter: Exploring Mission in a Post-Secular World | Facebook

St Paul’s will be keeping the Feast of Corpus Christi at 8pm on Thursday the 8th of June with a Mass- do please come along.

5, 6, 7, 8s (for people in those School Years) meets this week at 4.30 on Monday on Zoom and 6.30 in person in the Parish Rooms. Please speak to Richard or Esther for more details, or just come along!

Other News and Happenings

Introduction to the still quite new Walking Grouo

“About a year ago an informal walking group was set up by St Paul’s Church.  We walk regularly but there is no set time or place.  Instead, we have a WhatsApp group for anyone wishing to walk, talk and have a coffee together.  If someone decides to walk on a particular day and time, they post the information to the group and go on from there.  We now have 15 plus members and really enjoy the companionship that has ensued.  If you wish to join us, let Liz Gallaher know and she will add you to the WhatsApp group”.

Here is the latest newsletter from St Cecilia’s School, the new CofE Primary School in the parish:

St Cecilia’s Church of England Primary School 19.05.23 (

This is an excellent overview of Safeguarding and how we make sure we are engaged and thoughtful and aware, all of us- safeguarding is something we all need to take seriously and is our shared responsiblity:

7 top tips: Safer, healthier culture (

Soulscape are having an evening of summer fun in June, on the 24th- here is the poster- it looks great and they are one of the three charities we support- why not go along with a small group of friends?

And finally

Mary Cassidy found this article very helpful on connecting faith and life:

Mind the Gap Between Faith and Life – Ignatian Spirituality

Gill Wilkins sent a short report on her trip to Seville in the Spring and today seems a good day to send it out- do enjoy!

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