#386: aren’t the roads quieter in the holidays?

‘Tis I, Bertram the legendary Churchmouse. I have been busy these last days wheelbarrowing my 7th best cheese stack from the bier shed into the church crypt when I can talk to it more regularly and help it flourish. So much of being an outstanding cheese is confidence, self-belief, inhabiting the role and those things don’t come easily- they are hard won through effort, endurance, experience, and by acting as a cheese therapist I can really help them to believe in themselves which makes them much tastier. You just have to be slightly careful carrying round a shovel and pushing a wheelbarrow in a churchyard at night- the Rector was once stopped by two police officers for planting bulbs in a churchyard at dusk so it can happen to even the most credible and elegant of people…

Church keeps on happening- and it will be even more happening if you are there! There is going to be an Autumn Sermon Series, which Cara details here…

August Highlight!

During August we will be having a mini-sermon series, based on the Christlike Church we are called to be here in the diocese of Oxford.  The diocese has thought and prayed a lot over the past few years, as well as listening to local churches, and from those conversations have come up with 5 different things that we can focus on as a church.  All of these fall under us being ‘Contemplative, Compassionate, Courageous’, but more than that, can give us a focus and help us reflect on who we are as people of St Paul’s and St Nick’s, and how we inhabit our calling here in Wokingham and Emmbrook.

Do come along to services in church or on the livestream, and if you’re away on holiday then have a fantastic time secure in the knowledge that we plan to circulate the readings and sermons so you have something to look forward to on your return!  The sermon series will be:

Aug 13th– Introduction and Fighting Inequality

Aug 20th– Nurture of new disciples and New Congregations

Aug 27th– Young people and protecting the Environment

Please do talk about these after coffee, and let Richard or Cara know if there’s something in particular that has struck you and that you’d like opportunity to think about more.

Have you filled in a Tithings Expression of Interest Form yet? If not, Bertie will be sending the boys* round.

[* boys in this context is an ungendered term suggesting scary people in dark suits with square shoulders and tattooed knuckles and an ugly attitude of any gender or identity. Bertie is an inclusive and unprejudiced employee of people you would not want to meet in a dark alley after midnight].

Outstanding concert this coming weekend..

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