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M’dear friends,

Bertie here, back again with all of the news and gossip from Westminster and beyond. Although I have more questions than answers. Like, how did it take so long for everyone to notice that the MP for Dover was sat on the opposition benches? And has someone defecting across the aisle ever been less grieved-over by the party she was leaving? Was it actually a defection or a sat-nav failure? We shall see. And we shall see if it catches on. Who will be defecting next? Jurgen Klopp? Donald Trump? Only time will tell… and only time will tell how much you will regret missing out on the following thrilling opportunities…

News and Notifications

Tomorrow is Ascension Day– service at 8pm at St Paul’s, which will not be Livestreamed so come along if you can!

On Sat the 11th of May we have two exciting events- Deanery Event with Bishop Olivia in Reading for everyone who cares about the church’s connection with and support of and care for young people and children- do book a place if you would like to go along..

Deanery days (Berkshire): children and young people Bishop Olivia and your deanery colleagues would love you and your team to be part of our day focused on renewing our work with children and young people. People from across our deaneries are joining with Bishop Olivia and colleagues in a creative exploration of what lies ahead in this vital area of ministry and mission.  The time together is designed, whatever your church’s starting place, to inspire, encourage and enable next steps in connecting young people with the love and faith that comes from God.  Bracknell, Maidenhead and Windsor deaneries: 27 April, 9am – 1pm; All Saints’ Dedworth. Book now. Reading and Sonning deaneries: 11 May, 9am – 1pm; Greyfriars, Reading. Book now. Bradfield and Newbury deaneries: 18 May, 9am – 1pm; Burghfield St Mary. Book now. For more information email Kathryn Aboud or Rhodri Bowen.

then in the evening look out for a special service of Evensong sung by Coro42… Coro42 is a choir made up of former choral scholars and keen amateur singers in their 20s and 30s. The choir sings evensong at churches and cathedrals around the South East several times a year, performing a diverse repertoire of male and female composers from across the ages. They are delighted to be making their first visit to Wokingham, and will be singing classic repertoire by Victoria and Walmisley, plus a stunning modern anthem by Sarah Quartel. It will be half an hour of beautiful music and all are very welcome.

And then on Sunday the 12th of May we will have services in the morning at 8, 9.30, 10 and 11- the 11am is a Cafe Church Service at St Nick’s, lasting about 45 mins- relaxed, conversational and reflective. Do please come along!

Also on Sun the 12th… our next Games Evening in the Parish Rooms from 7pm- bring a drink and a game and we will offer some nibbles and a table to lean on. Why not bring your Tithings Group along, or a neighbour? it’ll be fun- and that’s a Bertie promise. Which is obviously not worth the cheese rind it is nibbled into.

Sunday the 19th of May is Pentecost Sunday– please come along in colourful clothing- and St Paul’s is taking a ‘team photo’ at the end of the service, primarily for the Parish Profile but also for part of Fr Richard’s Leaving Present, so do please come along and do wear something bright. (Woosehill and St Nick’s will take their photo on a different day).

Thank you from Pauline Dibb’s family

Dear Friends

Just a big ‘thank you’ to all those that helped make our goodbye to Pauline a memorable one last Friday. Would you please pass on our personal thanks to the other members of the church that either ushered people in and out, read or played the organ; all delivered beautifully.

We were truly touched by the numbers that attended and for all the lovely memories you shared of her. The support and comfort given to us over the last couple of weeks made the occasion bearable and for that you will be forever in our hearts.

For those that gave donations to the Sue Ryder charity, the total currently stands at £450 but I do know there are still some cheques to be paid in.  This charity made a real difference to Pauline in her final days and I am sure will be extremely grateful for the donations made.

Take care of yourselves and once again, thank you.

And, from the Telegraph for all who were at the May Fayre in town…

Important notice on Prayer in the forthcoming vacancy

Message from Mary Cassidy, Deputy Warden for Spirituality and Mission: As May begins, so the date of Fr Richard’s departure draws ever closer! Changes obviously lie ahead, for the Lamey family as well as for our parish and the responsibilities of the leadership team.

Over the next months, prayer — for the Lameys, for Peter and David our Wardens, for Cara, Jane, Judi and other clergy who will be stepping in to help with services, for the PCC and the whole parish (St Paul’s, St Nicholas’s and Woosehill), for the recruitment process, for the Deanery … —  will be vital.

I encourage you all to “add in” an extra, focussed prayer element to your normal routine.

Pray as you can, not as you can’t, but some suggestions to consider that may help draw us closer together in prayer include:

  • Join a prayer group, e.g. from June 5th  on the first Wednesday of each month at 3.00pm at Jane Creasy’s house (for about an hour)
  • Join Morning prayer: Mon, Wed  and Thurs at 8.30am on Zoom (Meeting ID: 753 2006 4518         Passcode: 024453)

                                      Tuesdays and Fridays at 9.00 in St Paul’s Church

  • Arrange a regular prayer walk with a friend or two around the parish, praying for the area, the people who live there, the right applicants for the post of Rector …
  • Arrive early for Mass and spend those extra minutes praying specifically for the parish
  • In your House Group or Tithing set aside some extra time to pray together for all the above needs and groups

If you have other ideas for corporate or individual prayer routines, do share them! The coming time of “interregnum” or vacancy can be a very positive time of growth, both individual and as the body of Christ.

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