#306: a bigger number than last week’s number

This photo shows Alistair and Mark, my new best friends, returning the pulpit they have remade to Church this week. They had a real challenge getting it out in the first place because the original craftsman hid the screw to hold it all together within the design of the pulpit. They are my new best friends because they knew to bring cheese with them and they let me help with some of the heavy lifting- although my feet were swinging from the ground most of the time so I am not sure how much use I really was. But they were very kind and they said that my help was essential to the success of the project.

Anyway, lots to talk about this week… let’s go… I’m staying well away from politics at the moment because the whole thing already feels like an episode from The Thick of It which they never made on the grounds of implausibility…


As you know, we are hosting a Confirmation Service with All Saints on March the 20th at 3.30pm, with Bishop Olivia. We are planning to do our exploration and discussion on a Tuesday evening. Anyone who would be interested in finding out more, or knows that they want to be confirmed, and is in Year 7 or above, needs to put their hand up this week, really, so we know if there is enough of a group to run it as a group or whether we could offer something more bespoke and personal. Anyone who would like a refresher on the faith would also be welcome to come along on a Tuesday night- it will be laid back, chatty, engaging, fun, friendly and everything else you would expect and hope for. Please can you let Richard know very soon if you would like to talk about any of this? Thanks.

This Sunday

Cara is still off as she gets over Covid so the rota is changing- do get better soon, Cara, Bertie says, for all of us-

Richard will lead the 9.30 and preach- 1 Corinthians 15.1-11 and Luke 5.1-11– and then Bob Whiteley, a local retired priest, will be taking the 11 while Richard goes on to Bearwood to take their 11am service. The Quiet Evening Service will still be happening at 6.15pm, which Doreen is curating. This is a parish service at Woosehill and is a quiet and reflective end to the weekend and start to the week.

Also, attached is the sermon from Candlemas for those who asked for it- the second column does contain a few light spoilers about the excellent Disney + movie Encanto so skip that page if you are about to watch it and don’t want to know any of the plot or any of the themes:

Forthcoming Highlights

Here is the overview you need to read through so you know what is going on…

You can still sign up for the Parish Zoom Quiz this Saturday night- see email 302 for full details, or email It’ll be fun!

Please note that Meditation Group for this month will move to the 3rd Tuesday in February, 15th February, due to clash of commitments. 1.15-1.45pm in St Paul’s.

Woosehill’s excellent Sip and Share Group meets on the 2nd Sat of the month for companionship and friendship- do go along if you would like to, and do invite others too…

We are collecting donations for Wokingham Foodbank in our service on the 13th of February at St Paul’s and St Nick’s, so do please start to gather things to donate- these are the priorities they are asking for at the moment…

Other Important Things

The PCC have produced a list of suggestions for fundraising in the parish, especially towards we need to do on the North Aisle roof and parapet of St Paul’s. Here is a digest produced by Pippa Sutton- do please look through it and see if there is anything on the list you would feel excited to be part of organising or drawing together…

And here is the Woosehill Magazine for you to enjoy- there is lots of interesting stuff in here, and it is really well put together by Val Weedon. Enjoy over a cup of coffee!

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