Ascension Day and Easter 7 [242]

Ascension Day, which is today

Our service tonight is at 8pm, both in Church in person and on the Livestream via YouTube (the same arrangement as every Sunday morning). Ascension Day is a key festival during Eastertide and a key preparation for Pentecost. Do come along to hear Jane Kraft preach and to be together. Here is the OoS:

And here is a prayer for today from Fr Tony Kemp:


Lord Jesus Christ, ascended, crowned and glorified;

Seated at the right hand of the Father—

Away above the clouds of unknowing.

We gaze up heavenwards to glimpse you.

Accessible Lord, we praise you for your closeness;

The love that engulfs us;

The compassion that nurtures us;

The tears that you share with us;

The warmth of your continual blessing.

We praise you in union with the Father and the Holy Spirit;

One God now and always. Amen.

Easter 7

This Sunday is the last Sunday of Easter and so the OoS is the same one we have been using for the last weeks. The readings are Acts 1.25-17, 21-end and John 17.6-19. You are welcome just to turn up at St Paul’s, Woosehill would like to know if you are coming so they can polish enough chairs but you would still just be welcome to turn up and you need to book at St Nick’s for the 11am service because the room there is not that big, as you know, so numbers are very limited.

From Churches Together in Wokingham

Dear CTW Colleagues

I hope you are doing okay and not too exhausted. All the talk I’ve heard is of church leaders everywhere thoroughly exhausted as we begin to emerge from lockdown. We want to be pressing into the new opportunities this provides, but the fact is we all need a very good break after the exertions of the past few months. I hope and pray you manage to carve out time for one sometime soon!

In the meantime, we’re aware that CTW is a charity and as such we are required to have an AGM. We need to receive the CTW Accounts, and elect officers (Chair, Convenor, Treasurer) for the coming year. We can also hear one or two reports. We’ll keep it short and simple.

We feel the simplest way to do this in the current environment is to hold it as part of our regular monthly Tuesday lunchtime meeting on this coming Tuesday 18th May at 12.30pm on Zoom.

As well as the usual church leaders invited, we feel it would be right to open up that part of the meeting to anyone from our churches who might like to attend (apparently there might be some!!) So please do make this information available to your congregation / those who may be interested.

We will send any further papers (Agenda, Minutes etc) subsequently, but for now please note the date and the joining details in your diaries.

Here are the Zoom details:  Meeting ID: 812 1874 9664     Passcode: 062064

Kind regards


News and Updates

Bertie wants to tell you that he bought a purple cheese grater today. I told him it was a waste of money: I don’t think he’ll get much use out of it because I have never seen purple cheese.

Don’t forget the excellent Christian Aid Quiz tomorrow night- see email 237 for details- why not play as a family? or a Bible Study Group? or a group of neighbours?

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