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[Name that National Trust House- a fun, albeit pointless and prizeless game, for all of the family]

Dear friends,

Here is everything you need to know for this Sunday morning: the readings are lovely ones so do read them ahead of time if you get chance as a way of prepping for the service- Acts 8.26-end and John 15.1-8. Don’t forget that you need to book for St Nick’s, that Woosehill find it helpful to know if you’re coming so they can put enough chairs out but you don’t have to book, and that you can just turn up at St Paul’s. The OoS for St Paul’s is here:

Forthcoming Attractions

Sunday the 9th of May at 6.15pm- Easter Hymns (with readings and reflections) in the Churchyard of St Paul’s

Thursday the 13th of May at 8pm- Ascension Day Service (in person and online)

Notices and Announcements

If you didn’t spot the important stuff around the Pilgrimage from York to Vaxjo (which takes in Berkshire on the way) and Christian Aid Week in email 237 please do go back and check it again.

Also, if you haven’t come back to Church in person yet, and would like someone to talk you through what it feels like and how it works then do let a member of the Clergy know because we would love to chat it through.

And if you have a pile of Envelopes at home waiting to be handed in, or keep meaning to make a donation to support the work of the Church, then do push them through the Rectory or Parish Office doors, or do make a donation in whichever form you would like. Thank you.

USPG, one of the three charities supported by St Paul’s and St Nick’s, have an appeal at the moment to help support India through the current Covid-19 Crisis- details here: United Society Partners in the Gospel | USPG Launches India Covid Response Appeal

Also, does anyone know why M and S have it in for Aldi’s chocolate caterpillar and not any of the other ones which every supermarket seems to stock? I’m genuinely confused about that and so is Bertie. If anyone is protesting against M and S over this then Bertie would be happy to give a home to any spare chocolate cakes people no longer want to give shelf room to.

And the joke of the day, from Bertie:

A guy threw some cheese at me yesterday, for no reason at all. He was just walking past me in the street. How dairy.

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