Bertie’s Exciting Adventures Part 3 [262]

On Saturday I had another big adventure, although this time a little closer to home. There were buskers, and people with loudspeakers, and a huge queue outside Wendy’s- they must do exceptional cheese to attract so many people. Above all I got to be one of the very few people who were allowed into the hallowed doors of Reading Minster, once they remembered to open them. Here is my photo essay:

(I took that one with my very own paws)

And here is the other moment you have been waiting for- jokes of the day…

Crime in multi-storey car parks is wrong on so many different levels (Tim Vine).

Two fish are in a tank. One turns to the other and says; “How do I drive this thing?”

(which is even funnier in the context of the current issues around the British Army’s latest armoured vehicles. In that light the final answer must be something like this: noone can drive it at all at the moment because it is far too noisy to be used).

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