Seat in the Cathedral Part 1 [257]

With the daring and elan you have come to expect from one of the most respected 75 mouse reporters in the County of Berkshire, no less, I, Bertram, stowed away in Fr Richard’s vestment suitcase, tried very hard not to sneeze and managed to smuggle my way all the way into Christ Church College, which looks, I can reveal, quite big and quite old. (See, I did my research). For some reason the Cathedral is in the corner of the big square (see photo above) and Richard had to get changed in the room to the right. This is me standing on a table supervising while he did all of his buttons. There are 39 buttons for him to do up for the simple reason that 13 x 3 is 39.

After this he had to stand in a line in front of the Bishop of Oxford and promise not to commit treason on purpose or to try to steal the Bishop’s mitre, whether as a prank or an act of rebellion, as an act of merriment or as an assault on the Bishop, or his successors. Noone asked me what I thought so I am still free to do those things, but the Berkshire Uprising of 2022 is not going to happen now unless we get a new leader.

And here are Richard and I sat in the transept, waiting for the service to start. We were sitting opposite the choir staring at the amazing transept window of St Michael. Because space was a limited we agreed to share a seat, which we duly did. And then we waited quietly for the service to start.

Cliffhanger. Charlie Dickens would be proud of me.

Do look out for Part 2 tomorrow, where everything will be revealed- the raspberry pavlova, the mozzarella mountain, and my narrow escape from a large and hungry carp.

Quick Fire Round (Do you see what I did there?)

Please bring a chair with you or a blanket, if you can, for a glass of something after the 9.30 on Sunday morning– we will hopefully be outside but we need to be able to sit down.

Cara’s Ordination from Reading Minster is at 11am on Saturday- the Livestream link will be here if it’s not there already…




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Please so call someone to work out how to restart your tithings group and do something together if you haven’t recently met- the weather is looking better, it’s getting easier and easier to meet outside for a walk or something, and tithings groups are the heart of our pastoral care and support at St Paul’s- why not meet again soon? And do speak to Richard if you aren’t in one or want a hand getting going again.

And the quick joke of the day

A limbo dancer walks into a bar.

Instant disqualification.

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