Everything you need for Sunday morning [CCII]

Pieces and bits to catch-up on

It has been suggested that a gathering of clergy is either a leviticum of priests (Chris Townsend) or a clutter of clergy
(Fr Alan Clements, who should know the answer)- what do you think? Unkind suggestions will make Bertie cry.

Here is the link if you want to pair your vaccine through UNICEF, which seems a fab idea- so your gratitude for your vaccine here
can fund someone else’s vaccination elsewhere in the world: Covid-19 vaccine: Help deliver history | Unicef UK

Don’t forget that Saturday at 4 this week is actually the Parish Quiz at 7.30pm- for one week only!

As a parish we don’t collect Harvest gifts for the Foodbank in October and instead keep the Harvest Festival then and do a focused Foodbank collection in Feb, just before Lent. It has worked really well for the last few years and I hope it will again this time. The focus is around next Sunday but we’re publishing the list of things the FB needs here so that you can add them to your shopping list and put them in the green basket at the back of St Paul’s- thanks!
Tinned potatoes/ Tinned carrots/ Hotdogs/ Tinned rice pudding/ Tinned custard/ Sponge puddings
Adult toothpaste/ Men and women deodorant/ Washing up liquid/ Small packets of washing powder

Continuing our 1977 Silver Jubilee theme, here are Susannah Riley and her sister in fancy dress for a village party for the Queen:

And here is a cake made by Stephanie Knowles’ Mum…

In terms of Sunday morning…
This is the Order of Service you will need for the Service- which is written for Ordinary Time and we will use until the start of Lent:

Ordinary Time, LS onlyDownload

The readings are Colossians 1.15-20 and John 1.1-14, which is always somewhat daunting for a preacher.
The prayers have been recorded by Alan Harrison.
The Zoom coffee invitations are the same as always- last sent out in email 195.

Also, a quick reminder that the service on the 14th of Feb will be a whole parish service from Woosehill Church at 10am (so enjoy your extra half hour in bed).

And that’s it for the moment- do keep sending interesting things in for Bertie to enjoy, and do let one of us know if there is ever anything you need, or if you want to talk to someone, or if you’d like to join a Tithings Group or whatever. Here to help! Sitting by the phone! Please never hesitate to ask!
And remember- whatever happens in your life today- at least you’re not the temporary Clerk to the Parish Council of Handforth (Google it if you’ve not seen the video yet). It’s like the PCC of Dibley, only without as much as stake. And it’s actually possibly worse.  

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